Celebrity Big Brother Rodrigo Alves: 7 things you need to know about 'the human Ken doll'

Ken has entered the Celebrity Big Brother house!

The ‘real-life Ken doll’ is actually called Rodrigo Alves. Rodrigo is known entirely because of the extensive work and surgery he has undergone, which earned him the nickname of the human Ken doll.

We’re guessing that’s all you knew about Rodrigo. Don’t worry, us too!

So, here are seven things you didn’t know about Mr Rodrigo Alves!

Rodrigo Has Spent Over £500,000 on Surgical Procedures

We’re pretty sure we can think of better ways to spend half a million pounds but, sure, you do you, Rodrigo!

He had his first procedure when he was 17 and has amassed a fair few since then.

How Many Procedures Has Rodrigo Had?

It’s an extensive list. And by ‘extensive,’ we mean f*cking extensive.

Rodrigo has had 60 plastic surgery procedures and 103 cosmetic procedures in total.

This included 10 nose jobs, a procedure giving him a fake six-pack, a bum lift, and the removal of four ribs, among plenty of other surgeries.

And in all the hopes of looking like Ken…

Where is Rodrigo From?

Rodrigo Alves is originally from Brazil.

He was born and raised in Sao Paulo – a city primarily famous for it’s football teams Corinthians and Sao Paulo, who have produced Ronaldo and Kaka, respectively.

Ronaldo or Rodrigo Alves? We wonder who the people of Brazil adore most?

How Old is Rodrigo Alves?

Rodrigo is 34 years old.

Considering he had his first procedure at 17 years old, that means he has averaged just under 10 procedures a year since then. Efficient.


He actually looks pretty scary here.

It’s, err, the eyes. This user knows where we’re coming from:


He Was Once Held at Dubai Airport Because His Face Didn’t Match His Passport

We can’t say we’re surprised by this one, to be honest.

Since he’s had 163 procedures since he was 17, his old passport photo probably has little resemblance to the face he has now.

Rodrigo Alves Has Vowed to Have a Sex Change

If all of those surgeries weren’t enough, Rodrigo has vowed to one day have probably the biggest procedure of his life. A sex change.

Rodrigo has said that he’d “rather be a sexy old lady than a saggy old man.”

So, really, we should start calling him the human Barbie doll instead of the human Ken doll.

Why Has Rodrigo Had All This Work Done?

Your guess is as good as ours…

No, but, seriously, Rodrigo has discussed the reasons behind all the work done several times.

He states that he was bullied as a child and is on a quest to achieve male perfection. Apparently, all of these procedures make him one step closer to achieving that…



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