Dan Osborne has been raising pulses during his time on Celebrity Big Brother 2018.

The 27-year-old man-mountain has both towering height and padded-out muscle.

With the posture of the Eiffel Tower and the sturdy arms of an oak tree, everybody wants a body like Dan Osborne.

So what is Dan Osborne’s weight, height and body fat? This is how to become his clone!

Dan Osborne Height

If you want to look like Dan Osborne then first things first, you need to get some height. Like a lot of it.

Dan is a staggering 6ft 4 (192 cm).

The average height in the U.K is around 5ft 10, with tall people considered around 6ft 1.

Big Danny O has an extra three inches on that!

Dan Osborne Weight

Dan has complained about the lack of food in the Celebrity Big Brother house. Clearly, someone of his sheer size needs a lot more calories than the average man.

Probably more than the average small bull, too!


Dan would likely eat anything up to 4,000 calories-per-day, and that’s just to maintain his current weight!

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Dan’s weight fluctuates depending on how much muscle mass he carries, although he is a lot bulkier than he was when starring in TOWIE from 2013-2015.

Right now, he weighs around 16 stone 5 lbs (105 kgs). However, in his TOWIE days, Dan was a more slender 15 stone 7 lbs (98kg) – nonetheless, this is still a sh*t-ton of muscle!

How to Look Like Dan Osborne

The math is simple. To look just like Dan Osborne all you need to do is:

BE: 6 ft 4 tall

WEIGH: 105 kg

HAVE BODY FAT: Under 13%

EAT: 4,000 calories-per-day of clean foods

WORKOUT: 5 times-per-week

LIFT: Heavy weights, such as 160 kg on the bench press

Easy, right?


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