In quotes - Every time bully Natalie Nunn attacked a housemate!

Natalie Nunn has been on a warpath of destruction over the past few days.

Although the Celebrity Big Brother star failed to put a foot wrong during her first few days inside the house, she is now the firm favourite to be the first person evicted from CBB 2018.

The 33-year-old U.S reality TV star attacked countless housemates during days five, six and seven, reducing both Gabby Allen and Chloe Ayling to tears.

In fact, U.K TV regulator Ofcom received complaints about Natalie Nunn’s attempts to bully other housemates.

Need more proof?

Celebrity Big Brother Summer 2018 – Natalie Nunn

Stirring Up the ‘Storms’

Natalie’s first controversial moment came as she decided to go around asking the other Celebrity Big Brother housemates why they were on the show.

It may sound pretty innocuous, yet Natalie approached the situation in her own unique way, often shouting, swearing and bullying others into a corner when she attempted to defend her actions.

Attacking Chloe Ayling’s Makeup Mess

Natalie Nunn started her daily digging nice and early on day seven, spouting aggressive comments about Chloe Ayling while she did her morning makeup.

Natalie said to Rodrigo Alves, while doing her hair in the mirror: Who the f*ck leaves this mess? I’ll tell you, it’s Chloe.”

The U.S reality TV star didn’t stop there, however, bringing up Chloe’s glamour modelling career and slandering how Chloe is “old enough to take naked photos” yet “doesn’t know how to tidy up”.

She also added: She’s a Page 3 girl, she shows her tits, she shows her ass – go do that then.”

Celebrity Big Brother Summer 2018 – Natalie Nunn


The previous day, Natalie was applauding Chloe for her modelling work by adding “own it girl” in a sort of ‘woman can do whatever they want rant at Hardeep.

Calling Gabby Allen a b*tch

Natalie’s volatile relationship with Love Island series 3 star Gabby Allen was highlighted by the 33-year-old’s rant about her being a b*tch.

The attack started because Gabby apparently forgot to invite Natalie and Rodrigo to the fitness class she was sort of running in the garden area.

On the Celebrity Big Brother episode, Natalie was heard saying: Beep, beep, Gabby, more beeping, beep, and beep, beep, Gabby.”

This was the pre-incident that lead to Natalie’s alledged bullying:

The Wet Chair Incident

Later on that sam the day (7), Natalie reduced Chloe to tears as she exploded with anger over a wet chair.

Supposedly, Chloe had sat in a chair while still wet, making the chair damp.


Natalie said: Don’t do that sh*t again. Because it is childish. Put a f*ckin towel down.”

Celebrity Big Brother Summer 2018 Roxanne and Chloe.

Celebrity Big Brother Summer 2018 Roxanne and Chloe.

The rant continued much longer as Natalie returned to the ‘scene of the crime’ adding expressions like “my mumma would of kicked my ass if I left a mess like that”.

At this point, Celebrity Big Brother made Natalie report to the Diary Room, where she was warned for bullying.


Natalie’s Reaction to the Eviction

Hardeep Singh Kohli and Natalie were the first two members of the series to be put up for eviction.

Naturally, Natalie’s reaction was to fly off the handle, brandishing almost everyone else in the house “fake” while pointing fingers in a room of empty beds.

Turning on Rodrigo

Following the rant at Chloe and Kirstie, Natalie turned her attention to the ‘human Ken doll’ Rodrigo Alves.

Shouting at Rodrigo for comforting Chloe, Natalie attacked her only ally in the house for supposedly being ‘two-faced’.

Natalie said to Rodrigo: You were the one talking sh*t in the vanity room. You want me to be the bad one to say it, so shut up Rodrigo. You are fake, you are a piece of work right now.”

Celebrity Big Brother Summer 2018 – Rodrigo and Natalie.

Digging on Gabby and Dan

Rodrigo and Natalie spent the evening on day seven gossiping about Dan Osborne and Gabby Allen.

Reiterating how Dan was in the wrong for ‘flirting’ with Gabby because he was married, Natalie and Rodrigo also felt the need to comment on Roxanne Pallett’s relationship, saying how she was “getting too close” to Ben Jardine.

Natalie said: These people are having like whole affairs.”

Celebrity Big Brother Summer 2018 – Natalie Nunn




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