Jermaine Pennant has been in the news again after refusing to do a lie detector test on the Jeremy Kyle show.

JP was making the headlines over summer following his flirtatious behaviour with glamour model Chloe Ayling inside the Big Brother house, despite having a wife on the outside.

Wife Alice Goodwin took Jermaine on the Jeremy Kyle show to resolve their issues, even though the former professional footballer refused to do a lie detector test.

The pair did, however, announce that they were renewing their wedding vowels and planned on having a baby together.

Here’s a rundown of Jermain Pennant’s career and total riches.

Celebrity Big Brother Summer 2018 - Jermaine Pennant

Celebrity Big Brother Summer 2018 – Jermaine Pennant

How Much Did Jermaine Earn at Liverpool?

Jermaine earnt a reported £30,000 a week while playing professional football for Liverpool.

By 2018’s football-wage standards, Jermaine wasn’t paid that much while he was a Liverpool football player.

However, Jermaine played for the Merseyside club between 2006-2009 – so his weekly 30k was actually pretty good back then.

But this wasn’t actually his highest wage as a footballer…

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What Was Jermaine Pennant’s Highest Wage as a Footballer?

Instead, Jermaine’s highest wage as a footballer came when he was played for Real Zaragoza, in Spain.

Jermaine was paid a reported £80,000 a week. He played there for one year, meaning he earned a total of £1,560,00.

In total, he made 25 appearances, which means, on average, he was paid £62,400 per appearance.

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What Was Jermaine’s Average Salary?

Jermaine has played for a total of 15 football clubs, beginning with Notts County and ending with Billericay Town, and including Liverpool, Arsenal and Stoke City along the way.

While we don’t know his exact wage for each club, we do know his reported salary for a few of the key ones. Remember, these figures all per week.

Liverpool: £30,000

Real Zaragoza: £80,000

Wigan Athletic: £25,000

Tampines Rovers: £5,000

Billericay Town: £3,000

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What is Jermaine Pennant’s Net Worth?

Jermaine’s net worth has plummeted somewhat after a series of less than mediocre stunts at some less than mediocre clubs.

But he’s still an ex-Premier League football player, so his net worth is still an impressive £1.3 million.

What Were Jermaine Pennant’s Transfer Fees?

Mr Pennant had a pretty decent price tag when he was a footballer. He was once the most expensive teenage football player when he was signed by Arsenal from Notts County for £2 million.

The biggest transfer fee he commanded, however, was the £6.9 million Liverpool paid to sign him from Birmingham City.

So.. Has Jermaine Pennant Got a Massive House?

Yep, he has indeed.

He lives in a pretty amazing mansion with his wife and his rather beautiful dog.