Sally Morgan: 7 weird things you NEED to know about the CBB psychic!

Psychic Sally Morgan is officially a housemate in Celebrity Big Brother 2018.

The former TV presenter and on-tour psychic entered the CBB house on Thursday, August 16th.

So, here are seven spectacular facts about ‘Mystic Morgan’ you didn’t care about until now!

Sally Had Her First Psychic Experience at Nine Months

Yep, little baby Sally had her first psychic experience when she was less than a year old.

Maybe she heard voices? Maybe she heard voices in her cot when the room was empty? Maybe it was the baby monitor?

She Encountered Her First Spirit at Four

Not long after, Sally came into contact with her first spirit – never use the term ‘imaginary friend’ in front of Sally.

We wonder if her parents kept a photo of that, too?

‘Sally’s first day at school,’ ‘Sally’s first time in the snow’, ‘Sally’s first time making up sh*t.’

Sally Morgan is One of the Top Five Psychics in the World

Now, this is impressive… if you believe in the mumbo-jumbo of everything psychic.

Apparently, Professor Gary Schwartz (a Harvard graduate don’t you know) has called Sally one of the top five best psychics in the world.

In other news, realitytitbit is one of the top five best reality TV websites that writes satirical pieces on Sally Morgan.

She Once Cancelled a Show Because She Mistakenly Contacted the Spirit of Somebody Still Alive

Sally once had a rather embarrassing night in Middlesborough – haven’t we all!

During one of her stage shows, she was given a photo of someone to contact and began to talk to this spirit of a dead person.


Later on, however, she found out that the photo was of someone in the audience who was, in fact, alive and well.

The entire auditorium erupted into laughter!

You Can Get Your Own Reading For Only £1.5o

You can now get your very own reading over the phone for £1.50 a minute!

We can’t imagine it’s over in 60 seconds though, probably more like half an hour.

Sally Sued the Mail Online for Defamation of Character

The Mail Online published an article saying that Sally was using tricks to fool her audience members into believing her psychic abilities.

Sally, citing substantial damage to her reputation as well as hurt, distress and embarrassment, sued the paper for £150,000.

Now, please don’t sue us, Sally!

She Read for Princess Diana For Four Years

Apparently, Princess Diana got rather bored and hired Sally for almost four years to give her readings.

She must have had a lot of spare time on her hands, or Sally is just the biggest CV-bluffer we’ve ever heard of. One of the two.



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