It’s not dissimilar to see celebrities scrounging for pennies in later life, but Paul from S Club 7 is seriously broke. Like flat out broke.

A stint in the Celebrity Big Brother house (and the opportunities that come with it to earn on the outside) could have been his golden ticket, but now even that opportunity has passed.

So what’s Paul been up to since the days of Don’t Stop Movin’? Here’s a timeline of his 15-year decline!

Paul Quit S Club 7 to be the New Limp Bizkit

We understand. All those pop classics would make anyone run for a nu metal band.

His band, Skua, didn’t exactly set the music world alight, though.

At least Paul set the fashion, not like that copy-cat Charlie from Busted!

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He Kept Dating Hannah After Leaving the Band

Although Paul left S Club 7 in 2002, he and Hannah Spearitt stayed together until 2006. Hannah has since appeared on Eastenders as Kandice.

The S Club reunion in 2014 seemed to have sparked a more personal reunion, but they broke up again in November 2015.

Not exactly Fleetwood Mac levels of makeup and breakup, but still.

S Club Mini-Reunion

Touring the nation’s universities and colleges, Bradley, Jo, and Paul S Club 7-ed into more of an S Club 3.

As if that wasn’t exciting enough, they also added nightclub dates to the tour. We’re sure the former group of pop royalty really enjoyed that weekend at the Butlin’s holiday camp in Minehead, Devon.

Where there were three, rumour had it that seven was on the way…

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S Club 7 Reunite for Children in Need

The whole band was back together, for charity at first.

Then the arena tour of the UK followed, and the fans showed up in numbers. Not quite big enough numbers to keep the whole thing going, but it was nice while it lasted.

Bankruptcy and BRIT Awards

Sadly for Paul, the brief S Club 7 reform wasn’t the answer to all of his problems. Having been declared bankrupt, the tour earnings went to paying back his debts.

That left Paul in the awkward position of sticking his BRIT Award (yes, S Club 7 won a BRIT Award!) on eBay. Best Breakthrough Act might not be the most prestigious award, but it was expected to bring in some cash.

Apparently, the award sold for £66,000 in the end.

Not the End, but… Loose Women

Paul recently appeared on Loose Women, outlining his financial woes and quest to find love. He mentioned that he’s been pitching himself as a contestant for any number of shows, from I’m a Celebrity to… well, Celebrity Big Brother.

He’s not afraid to tell it like it is, admitting that the show paid for his new shirt so he could appear looking TV ready.

Will we be seeing him walk through those doors on Thursday 16th August? His bank balance will certainly hope so.

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