Where are they now? Celebrity Big Brother winners 2012-2018

Where are they now? Celebrity Big Brother winners 2012-2018

With 2018’s Celebrity Big Brother finally underway, here’s a look at the past winners from a series that has been on our TV screens for 17 years.

If you haven’t already read part one of this Where Are They Now series, check-in on the winners from 2001-2012 here.

Now, picking up where we left off in 2013, a year dominated by Robin Thickle’s Blurred Lines, let’s take a look at the 10 winners and what they’re up to now.

2013: Rylan Clark-Neal

Few Celebrity Big Brother winners go on to such success as our Rylan.

Having entered the house off the back of a fifth placed finish in X-Factor, Rylan became king of the house and soon strutted out the CBB doors and straight into a wealth of TV presenting positions.

He currently presents on Big Brother’s Bit on the Side, This Morning and has also featured on The Xtra Factor and Up Late with Rylan.

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2013: Charlotte Crosby

One of the founding members and iconic characters from MTV’s Geordie Shore, Charlotte continued her role on the raunchy reality TV after her success in CBB.

She eventually quit the show in 2016 and is now a TV presenter, recognisable on MTV’s Just Tattoo of Us, hosting alongside former love interest Scotty T. What a recipe for trouble that is.

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2014: Jim Davidson

The comedian and presenter, now 64, is still doing bits and bobs across Britain with stand-up comedy tours confirmed between February and April this year.

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2014: Gary Busey

The man who has appeared in over 150 films was last seen in on the big screen in 2016 where he starred in the comedy, disaster, horror, no-one-knows-what-the-hell-it-is movie Sharknado: The 4th Awakens.

We can only hope there’s a 5th edition. And we can only hope he’s cast in it!

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2015: Katie Price

Still hitting the headlines for her often drunk appearances at party events, Katie Price is still very much an active reality TV celeb.

She’s dipped her toes in the celeb water with just about everything from writing to plastic surgery, modelling to strings of divorces and music.

She even has her own novel, Playing with Fire, out now. What an enthralling read that should be.

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2015: James Hill

The only The Apprentice star to come out of the Celebrity Big Brother house as a winner, we really haven’t seen much from James after his short stint on the red carpet.

He’s appeared on Channel 4’s Celebrity Dinner Date and is now dating a woman called Naomi Hibbert from Nottingham. Yep, all pretty damn uninteresting.

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2016: Scotty T

Scotty T has been making the headlines in recent weeks, but for all the wrong reasons.

After continuing his role in MTV’s Geordie Shore, Scotty was axed just last week after pictures emerged of him ‘snorting a suspicious substance’.

He won’t join the gang as they pop across to Australia for a Down Under special but will instead hook up with Charlotte Crosby to co-present on Just Tattoo of Us.

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2016: Stephen Bear

Awkward. So, it’s Stephen who has been replaced by Scotty T as the new co-host on Just Tattoo of Us. Poor guy.

He was last seen on holiday in Bali across January, selling ‘spititual’ crystal necklaces on his Twitter account and posting pictures of himself in fake Yeezy’s on Instagram.

Another classic holiday in Bali then.

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2017: Coleen Nolan

After finishing as a runner-up in 2012, Coleen went on to win Celebrity Big Brother five years later.

The Loose Women panellist is still a regular face on the show and recently talked about how she was overcome with excitement having opened her front door to Ed Sheeran, who was there to see her son Jake, who Ed is good friends with.

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2017: Sarah Harding

Girls Allowed favourite Sarah Harding has been caught up in drama since leaving the CBB house last year.

After striking up a relationship with fellow housemate Chad Johnson from Bachelorette 2016, the pair soon split up three months later.

Sarah is rumoured to be working on a new album as a solo artist and could appear on more future reality TV shows.

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2018: Courtney Act

The latest Celebrity Big Brother winner and former RuPaul’s Drag Race finalist has landed her very own hour-long late night talk show on Channel 4.

Dubbed the world’s first ‘Dragazine show’, The Courtney Act Show was announced in July 2018 and will feature an array of celebrity guests, studio items and music numbers.


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