Channel 5: Adults Only - cast list and episode guide!

Adults Only began airing on our screens on November 2nd. Here’s the cast list and episode guide for the Channel 5 show!

The series looks at different adult occupations, such as the lives of porn star parents, getting kinky for cash and the use of sex dolls.

Channel 5’s new show unveils the reality of the sex industry. So who is appearing on the show and when can you watch it? We found out for you!

Ellie. Adults Only: Shagging 9-5. Picture: Channel 5

Who is Ellie?

Cast members involve several sex workers, one of them being Ellie.

She is one of the youngest and most successful sex workers in the UK, at 19 years old. Ellie lives at home with her parents in Nottingham.

The Adults Only star has been involved in the sex industry for 3 years, and earns her living on subscription service site Only Fans.

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Meet Lady Voluptua

Lisa, aka Lady Voluptua, will also be showcased getting ready for a Dominatrix session in her dungeon, on the Plus Size Porn Star episode.

However it becomes awkward when her daughter sees the clients.

She is in her 70s and comes from Glasgow. On her Twitter account, she regularly shares updates on her life, such as pictures of her cat Velma.

Lisa. Plus Size Porn Adults Only. Picture: Channel 5. Maroon Productions LTD
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Parents Jess and Mike

In the Porn Star Parents episode, Jess and Mike are introduced, a real life couple who make porn in their home while the kids are at school.

They have been streaming sex videos from their living room, based in Southend, for 18 months. Jess and Mike have been married for 7 years.

Jess first met Mike when he was working in the gym as a personal trainer. They perform gym-themed videos and have had sex every day for a year.

Jess and Mike. Adults Only: Porn Star Parents. Picture: Channel 5. Maroon Production Ltd All Rights Reserved.

Meet Princess Levi

Amongst the cast also involves Jema, who calls herself Princess Levi.

She describes herself as a model, actress and TV presenter on Instagram, where she regularly plugs her Only Fans account.

Jema regularly does modelling shoots, yoga and shares pictures of her feet. She calls this ‘Foot Friday’ on social media.

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Who is Mistress Sofia?

Mistress Sofia, whose real name is Sherry Lever, is in her 70s and lives with her daughter Amy. She has been working in the sex industry for 10 years.

Sherry receives 10 clients a week inside her house, and is considered one of the oldest dominatrixes in the UK.

However she refuses to do anything sexual with customers – one client pays to be shouted at while he cleans.

Meet Chelsea

Chelsea Ferguson, 30, from Hartlepool, made £6.6 million during her first year of being in the sex industry, and now owns a £250,000 Lamborghini.

After working in McDonalds 10 years ago, she makes content for her own porn website, such as selling nudes and going on camera.

She regularly recruits new girls for her social media website called Admire, where she makes money when people click on her content.

Chelsea is now pregnant and has become well-known for her career.

Adults Only: Episode guide

The Channel 5 show is airing every day at 10pm. It began being showcased on our screens on November 2nd.

It is a 5-part series which runs until November 6th, showing for just over an hour each night until 11.05pm.

Each episode has a different theme, from Porn Star Parents, Shagging 9-5, Kinky for Cash, Sex Dolls Delight and Sex Made Millionaires.



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