Celebrity Big Brother star Chloe Ayling opened up about her glamour modelling career on day five inside the CBB house.

The 21-year-old model was chatting with housemate Hardeep Singh Kohli where she explained that she did a topless shoot with the Daily Star on their Page 3.

This is the page Chloe was talking about…


“It’s Something I’ve Always Wanted to Do”

Chloe explained to Hardeep that she did the topless modelling shoot last year when she was 20.

She told the former TV presenter that she was “fine with it” and that it was something she “always wanted to do”.

Chloe told Hardeep: I wouldn’t go past the topless stage, that’s the furtherst I would go. And then I’d do implied nudes.”

Implied nudes are the basis on Chloe Ayling’s Instagram account.

This is where photos are totally naked, although the camera angle hides a lot of the body.

Chloe Ayling on Page 3

Chloe Ayling featured on Page 3 of the Daily Star in February 2017.

The newspaper spread also appeared in April 2017 when the Daily Star reported that Chloe was in Paris during the Paris attacks and was forced to flee the French city.

Yep. They reported the horrific news by using the picture of Page 3 Chloe, wearing an open swimming costume and having her nipples concealed by blue love hearts.

You can see the topless photo here.

Celebrity Big Brother Summer 2018 - Chloe Ayling
Celebrity Big Brother Summer 2018 – Chloe Ayling

Hardeep on Page 3

Chloe and Hardeep debated over topless modelling, as Hardeep explained how he vehemently campaigned against Page 3.

Hardeep said, to Chloe: Men looking at your naked body in newspapers doesn’t make you feel uncomfortable?

Celebrity Big Brother Summer 2018 - Hardeep and Chloe.
Celebrity Big Brother Summer 2018 – Hardeep and Chloe.

I was passionately against Page 3. I just don’t think it’s very healthy. If we lived in an equal world I wouldn’t have a problem with it, but I can’t help think that it is part of the objectificaton of women – which we are all guilty of.”

Chloe explained that she studied law, business and psychology in college – where she also had a baby (now three-years-old) – before moving on to her career in glamour modelling.


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