Doing Drugs for Fun is a new docuseries on Channel 5 taking a bleak look at the proliferation of casual cocaine usage across the UK.

Four young people who take the Class A drug just for fun – at parties or to help them stay awake longer – are taken on a trip around the world to look at the harsh realities of the human supply chain, the environmental impact and to meet recovered addicts.

So, who are the cast of Doing Drugs for Fun?

We found Louis, Amber, Chanel and Troi on Instagram to find out what they’re up to now since the show.

Medellin, Colombia. Troi, Amber, Chanel and Louis

Louis Harding

Louis is a 26-year-old from Manchester who was working as an airport load operator when he took on the documentary. He had also had minor stints in reality television before the series, as he had dated Ibiza Weekender star Imogen Townley.

Now, Louis has published his own book called ‘Where Do You Draw The Line?’ which details his experience on the Channel 5 docuseries.

You can follow Louis on Instagram @loouu1992.

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Amber C-T

Amber is a 27-year-old PR consultant from Sevenoaks in Kent who is living and working in London.

We found Amber on Instagram where she discussed her appearance on the Channel 5 documentary.

She said in a post from Monday, October 7th:

I was completely ignorant and naive to the true cost that the production and distribution of Cocaine has had, and continues to have, on MILLIONS of people. To me, Cocaine was a bit of fun at a festival or a party, it would lessen the effects of alcohol so that I could enjoy myself a little longer, it would give me a boost of confidence when I felt out of my comfort zone back at uni.

Amber still seems to enjoy going out partying, but hopefully she’s taken the lessons from the show with her and has ditched the drug!

Follow Amber @amber_c.t.

Chanel April

Chanel is a 25-year-old model and make-up artist from Bristol.


Bristol has the highest usage of cocaine per person in the UK and Chanel described getting the drug in Bristol “as easy as going to the shop to get cigarettes.”

Chanel likes to party and so used the Class A substance once every fortnight on a big night out. She said it helped her make friends.

From her Instagram – where she already has nearly 18,000 followers – it’s clear that Chanel is still a model who likes the party lifestyle.

You can find Chanel on IG @queenesoteric.

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Troi Jackson

Troi is the only one of the cast mates who has a private Instagram account.

Not much is known about him apart from what was shared on the series, which is that he is a supermarket worker living in a village in Somerset.

You can see his Insta @troi_jackson.




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