Drag Queen Dwarf and Other Little Britons: Meet the cast of Channel 5 documentary!

A new documentary series called Drag Queen Dwarf & Other Little Britons kicked on Channel 5 this week.

The three-part series follows people living with dwarfism as one is an aspiring chef-to-be, while another one has a promising career as a fashion designer.

The three-part series kicked on with episode 1 on Wednesday (April 1st), featuring UK’s only drag queen dwarf Jamie John.

So, let’s meet the cast of Drag Queen Dwarf & Other Little Britons and get to know them more!

Jamie John, Drag Queen Dwarf & Other Little Britons

Drag Queen Dwarf and Other Little Britons: Cast

  • Jamie John
  • Mary Russell
  • Louis Makepeace

Jamie John

Jamie is an actor, dancer and singer from Great Yarmouth, Norfolk. He is the only drag queen dwarf in the UK. The documentary follows Jamie back in his hometown where he is known as the local showbiz star.

Jamie has had several TV and movie appearances, including one in the 2011 Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2.

MasterChef 2021 | Trailer - BBC Trailers

Most recently, he played in the Snow White pantomime production in Birmingham, alongside former Coronation Street actress Faye Brooks.

You can find Jamie on Instagram @jamiejohndq.

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Mary Russell

Mary is an aspiring 51-year-old fashion designer from London. She is the first designer in the UK for people with dwarfism.

The Channel 5 star is not a newbie to the telly. In fact, she appeared in series 3 of The Undateables and series 6 of Little Women: LA.

You can find her Twitter profile @Marysodateable and follow her on Instagram under the name @maryfiftysomething.

Louis Makepeace

Louis is a 20-year-old aspiring chef from Worcester. The Channel 5 documentary series sees the young star taking a work experience in a Michelin-starred restaurant.

In 2018, Louis revealed to tabloids that he was discriminated from the Heart of Worcestershire College because of his height. Following the news, chef Gordon Ramsay offered an apprenticeship to the budding cook via a Twitter post.




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