We’ve all seen Blind Date and we all understand the concept.

One lucky picker barks out a set of bizarre questions to three faceless candidates, hoping to dissect the info they need from a 30-minute interrogation to find true love.

But are the hilarious answers real? Does the picker get to pick their own questions? And how do Channel 5 afford to jet daters to New Zealand and the Bahamas every week?

Well, next on the show we have Matthew Elliott, a 26-year-old account manager from Sandhurst…

Blind Date S3 Ep9
Paul O’Grady (presenter)

Meet Blind Date 2019 contestant Matthew Elliott

Matt applied for Blind Date as a joke while bored at work.

However, he was soon pushed through the selection process over the course of three weeks, appearing in the two episodes that aired on Sunday (April 28th) and Sunday (May 5th).

He described the application process as the “easiest thing he’d ever done” and cemented his place on the show with a tongue-in-cheek response to the question ‘do you have any kids?’.

Matt joked:

No. Well, there’s probably a few dotted around Asia and Australia that I don’t know about.

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Great time working in Cannes this week ??

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The account manager, who has watched Goal I and Goal II more times than you’ve had hot dinners, was looking for love having recently returned from several years away travelling.

But the Santiago Munez wannabe soon realised that scoring the perfect date wasn’t going to be as easy as he initially expected, arriving at the North London studio to find out that he couldn’t ask his own questions.

What is it like to be on Blind Date?

Matt explained that C5 producers make sure you know nothing about the other contestants.

Even when the 26-year-old scooted to the loo to watch Goal II outtakes on his phone, he was chaperoned by two guards.

But what shocked Matt the most was how questions were force-fed to him from the start.

Matt explained:

The questions are set up by producers, which I wasn’t expecting. They do base the questions on your personality, but they made me ask things that I wouldn’t have said if given the chance.

If it looks scripted… then it probably is

Matt also had his suspicions about the candidates, revealing that their answers were often “too good to be true”, with a narrative clearly thrown his way.

The bubbly blonde-haired geezer ended up picking Sarah for his date, who ticked all of his boxes in terms of personality traits.

Matt said:

I spoke to some of the girls backstage and all of the answers are actually put into their mouths. They just have to remember their lines and then answer my questions.

The picking process is down to me but it was an obvious choice and I think producers made it that way. They need me to pick someone I will actually like so that the date episode has some natural chemistry.

Then there’s the three-month wait…

Dressed in his eye-popping custom-made suit – picked up while touring through Vietnam – Matt ended the episode with Sarah and was gunning for the next stage of the dating show.

However, he soon found out the date wouldn’t commence for three months… and something rather untimely happened in that gap.

For our date, we flew to Finland for four days and watched the Northern Lights. Everything was paid for and it was absolutely amazing, it’s so worth going on the show just for that.

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Third wheeling my way through life

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The only problem was that the date was three and a half months after I picked this girl on the show. It’s a long time, and I actually ended up seeing someone else in that time.

Following Matt’s date, he decided not to follow up with Sarah.

The chances were always pretty slim, considering he’d already set his heart on someone else.

But what we now know about Blind Date – and arguably every reality TV show out there in 2019 – is that scripting is an integral part of the production and that what we see on TV is just a small glimpse of what really goes on.

Then again, who really cares how you’re portrayed on TV when a free holiday to Finland is part of the deal!

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Met the main man ?

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