Has Chris Hughes left Eggheads and who makes up the 2021 cast?

Has Chris Hughes left Eggheads and who makes up the 2021 cast?

Chris Hughes is best known for being one of Britain’s leading quizzers, such as on Channel 5’s Eggheads, but his absence has viewers worried.

With a cash prize up for grabs, each Tuesday sees contestants answer a series of questions against the “Eggheads” on the game show competition.

Usually sat as part of the regular panel of quiz champions on the UK quiz show, many are concerned about what has happened to Chris.

Worry no longer, as Reality Titbit are here to save the day and answer your Qs about his absence (we’ll try to be as good as Chris at quizzing!).

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Egg Heads SE 22. Generics of Pesenter (Jeremy Vine), (L-R) Egg Heads (Lisa), (Kevin), (Judith), (Beth), (Barry), (Pat), (Steve) and (Olav). Copyright: Viacom. Picture: Channel 5

Viewers react to Chris’ absence

Since the new series of Eggheads began airing, Chris’ absence was quickly noticed by viewers who have watched over the years.

Looking through Twitter, there’s a huge outcry about him not being on the show, and many want him to return ASAP.

One fan questioned: “What’s happened to Chris Hughes? #Eggheads.”

Another wrote: “#Eggheads no Chris Hughes on Eggheads titles? Is he ok.”

“Why has Chris Hughes not playing now #eggheads“, a Twitter user said.

Has Chris Hughes left Eggheads?

No, Chris Hughes has not left the quiz show permanently.

He just won’t be starring in the current series, having chosen not to as a result of Covid-19 restrictions.

The latest season of Eggheads, being shown on Channel 5 now, was filmed back in May 2021. But fans will be pleased to know Chris is likely to return.

So, don’t worry, he is still part of the quizzing team and will hopefully be making an appearance next series.

It has been confirmed that Chris is absolutely fine and simply didn’t take part in that filming block, despite speculation about his health.

Who’s in the Eggheads 2021 cast?

The Eggheads 2021 cast has most of the OG members, with a few no longer appearing. There is also the addition of newbie quizzer Olav.

Former stars include CJ de Mooi, Daphne Fowler and David Rainford.

On March 7 2020, it was reported that Rainford had died, after illness had prevented him appearing on the show since 2018.

Here is the 2021 quiz team line-up:

  • Lisa Thiel
  • Kevin Ashman
  • Judith Keppel
  • Beth Webster
  • Barry Simmons
  • Steve Cooke
  • Olav Bjortomt

Each episode sees four “Eggheads” go against a team of contestants.



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