Hotel Chocolat: Who is Angus Thirlwell? CEO of Britain's biggest independent chocolate maker!

Channel 5’s Hotel Chocolat is back for Series 2, but if you’re new to the show then here’s everything you need to know about CEO Angus Thirlwell.

The new series of Hotel Chocolat is well underway, and the popular documentary that gives viewers a look inside Britain’s biggest independent chocolate maker is a certain hit amongst Sunday night telly watchers.

One name you hear fairly often in the show is Angus Thirlwall, but who actually is he? Meet the CEO of Hotel Chocolat.

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Who is Angus Thirlwell?

Angus Thirlwell is the co-founder and CEO of Hotel Chocolat, founding the company alongside his partner Peter Harris in 2004. They had two aims for the business – the chocolate should excite the senses and be widely available, and that has been the key to their success.

The 56-year-old was born in Newcastle but grew up in Barbados and lived there until he was 9, as his father was one of the early directors of the Mr. Whippy ice cream brand in the North East of England before deciding to run an ice cream business in Barbados.

According to the official Hotel Chocolat website, Angus is completely obsessed with chocolate, religiously eating it every day, tasting and improving every recipe, and creating exciting new recipes in his own kitchen.

He said: “I count myself as one of the luckiest people around – to work every day in a business that lives by my obsessions with chocolate, true creativity, and honest ingredients, and that also has a link back to my childhood in the West Indies through our cocoa estate in Saint Lucia.”

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What is Hotel Chocolat?

Hotel Chocolat is a British luxury chocolate manufacturer, retailer and cocoa grower based between London and the Caribbean island of St Lucia.

In 2006, Angus and Peter bought the Rabot Estate in St Lucia, a cacao farm where they grow all the cocoa beans needed for their chocolate.

On the same estate, they also opened a boutique hotel in 2013, with 14 guest rooms overlooking the St Lucia mountains.

Since then, they have also opened their own restaurants, cafes, and continued to retail their products in Hotel Chocolat shops and supermarkets.

When can you watch Hotel Chocolat?

  • Sunday at 8pm on Channel 5.

The new series, called Hotel Chocolat: Unwrapped will be available to watch every Sunday night on Channel 5.

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