The Yorkshire Vet visited 40-year long farming couple Steve and Jean Green during the series.

Channel 5 follows veterinarians Peter Wright and Julian Norton in the docuseries, as they are called to take care of animals in need. Based at their practices in Yorkshire, they aim to save and improve the lives of furry pets.

Last night’s showing involved the Greens, who had an unhealthy new-born calf. However the question on everyone’s minds is the age of one half of the duo. So how old is Jean Green? We found out the farmer’s age!

peter wright and the greens the yorkshire vet
Peter Wright with Steve and Jean Green. Picture: Channel 5/PA Media. Copyright: Daisybeck All Rights Reserved

Meet the Greens

Steve and Jean Green are a farming couple who have been together for 40 years.

The pair star on Channel 5’s The Yorkshire Vet and are allegedly considered Peter’s favourite clients.

The Greens, who have a farm in Thirsk, Yorkshire, got married after three months and 10 days of meeting each other. Jean’s brother worked for Steve and she went up to him and asked if he would go out with her.

Steve agreed – and that’s how their love story started. Jean said: “We’ve done 40 years and we ain’t complaining.”

She continued:

I’m as happy as a pig eating sugar lumps.

They have a daughter called Sarah who features on the TV series.

How old is Jean Green?

  • 67 years old

Some viewers of the Channel 5 series believe that Jean is in her eighties, but that isn’t the case.

Jean was 27 when she first met now 90-year-old farmer Steve. They now live together without modern luxuries on the farm that Steve has had for 75 years.

Steve and Jean Green on The Yorkshire Vet

Steve moved to the Stoneybrough farm when his parents bought it in 1944. Jean was born in a wooden hut next to the farm, when part of the land housed an army camp during World War Two.

They now refuse to sell the land they own to housing developers, and usually keep several cows, 2 rescue donkeys, 2 dogs and 14 cats on the farm.

Peter Wright is seen helping them to care for a new-born calf who doesn’t look healthy on The Yorkshire Vet. The couple are regulars on the vet series.



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