Channel 5 series Undercover Girlfriends has proved a popular hit in the U.K.

The brand new relationship series only has five episodes to its name having aired from Monday, September 3rd, to Friday 7th.

But, if you missed the entire series or any of the episodes in particular, then you can always catch up online.

This is how to watch Undercover Girlfriends online!

Undercover Girlfriends - Rosie, Erika, Claudia, Nicole, Tyler
Undercover Girlfriends – Rosie, Erika, Claudia, Nicole, Tyler

What is Undercover Girlfriends?

Undercover Girlfriends features five couples putting their relationship under the spotlight.

The guys think that they are on a reality TV show all about lads’ holidays abroad.

Little do they know, they’re actually the main attraction of Undercover Girlfriends!

Unknowingly, their girlfriends are watching and tracking their every move on this so-called lads’ holiday. The girls have set up camp in a villa next door to the lad pad in Marbella!

Undercover Girlfriends cast - Liam, Rosie
Undercover Girlfriends cast – Liam, Rosie

How to watch Undercover Girlfriends Online

Your easiest method to catch up on the antics of the Undercover Girlfriends crew is via the official Channel 5 media player –

Episodes will remain on the website until 2023, so you really no excuse to watch them!

How Many Seasons? How Many Episodes?

This is the very first season of Undercover Girlfriends, although we expect more based on the popularity.

There are five episodes in series one, all with a run time of 65 minutes, and giving you a grand total of five hours and 25 minutes of prime reality TV drama.

Easily done in one lazy weekend, eh?

Undercover Girlfriend
Undercover Girlfriend – Liam, Ryan, Marco, Lawrence, Craig

How to watch Undercover Girlfriends Elsewhere

There are no other official media players with the rights to show Undercover Girlfriends.

However, this hasn’t stopped the series from appearing on media players that we can’t mention, such as Medium, OnProjectFreeTv and even YouTube.

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