Who is Kate Mobbs-Morgan on Escape to the Farm? Meet the owner of horse Kipp!

Kate Mobbs-Morgan is set to appear alongside Kate Humble, on her Channel 5 countryside series Escape to the Farm. So, who is she?

If you ever fancy heading off to the country for some peace and quiet, you can tune into the TV presenter’s idyllic lifestyle in Monmouthshire.

Amongst running a farm alongside her husband Ludo, and making delicious-looking recipes in her country kitchen, she often has guests visit.

One of those guests is Kate Mobbs-Morgan and her horse Kipp, who will appear on the May 6th episode. Let’s get to know Kate’s friend…

Screenshot: Horse Kip, Escape to the Farm with Kate Humble, Season 2 Episode 4 (Episode 5 preview), My5

Who is Kate Moggs-Morgan?

Kate, from the Greater Newport area, is a friend of Kate Humble, and the owner of Rowan Working Horses.

She features in Escape to the Farm to help fellow horse-lover Kate out, bringing her horse Kipp with her at the time.

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Kate Moggs-Morgan’s company is described as a “low impact, environmental business”, for sensitive or difficult sites.

The company offers land and woodland management, using the horses as the extraction method.

She has been the sole trader for Rowans Working Horses since 2007, and was formerly the head horseman at Chawton House Library.

Kate Mobbs-Morgan on Escape to the Farm

Kate Mobbs-Morgan brings her company Rowan Working Horses to the rescue, by bringing her Ardennes horse Kipp to give them a helping hand.

It comes after Kate Humble planted 1,000 trees ten years ago.

They now need serious thinning, and the weaker, smaller parts of them need to be removed so the rest can grow strongly. 

Instead of bringing in heavy machinery – which they decide would be a nightmare on muddy ground – Kate turned to her friend for help.

Kate Mobbs-Morgan and her powerful horse Kipp – described as a “mighty beast” – clear the trees in a more traditional way.

Meet Kate Mobbs-Morgan on Instagram

Kate’s pride and glory is clearly her business Rowan Working Horses.

Looking through her Instagram, she mainly features her horse Kipp, as well as her other working animals.

Occasionally, Kate’s followers can catch a glimpse of her spending time with her daughter in the countryside, and exploring nature.

The horses extracting woodland are often seen on her Instagram profile, which can travel on the road in a HGV vehicle.

In 2019, Rowan Working Horses received a BHL Woodland Management Award from the Prince of Wales for the work undertaken in Ty’n y Coed.

The company is also running a day training course on behalf of the British Horse loggers, from May 17 to 21, from a woodland on the Welsh borders.



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