Celebrity Big Brother star Kirstie Alley is best known for her performances on U.S sitcom Cheers.

The American actress, now 67, was the star of the series from 1987 to 1993.

Kirstie was nominated for various Emmy Awards during her time on Cheers and claimed the Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series award in 1991.

Let’s take a look at some of her best bits, including the time Family Guy spoofed her!


Cheers: Red Wine Time

There’s nothing like a sitcom scene based around an overconsumption of red wine.

Inside the Celebrity Big Brother house, Kirstie has admitted to previous addictions that include alcohol and drugs.

Here, however, her character Rebecca Howe is playfully trying to sober up ahead of a date.

Is this Rebecca or Kirstie…

Family Guy Spoof

Although we’re all familiar with Family Guy, a lot of the gags go straight over our heads, especially when you’re not up to date with topical U.S celebrities.

Kirstie Alley was the brunt of the joke as Family Guy took a typically lowbrow dig at her weight.

Here, the cast supposedly get confused between Kirstie and a character called norm, who is renown for being a bit chunky.

The Most Exciting Night of Your Life

There’s no denying that Kirstie Alley was stunning in her heyday.

But with a fag poking out of her mouth, and a pink dressing gown draped over the rest of her pyjama outfit, Cheers’ Sam didn’t always see her that way.

Words every girl wants to here: You look kinda repulsive.”

Cheers: I’m Too Stupid

An iconic quote from Kirstie’s character is nothing more than six words and three seconds of comical genius.

We’ve all had moments like this…

Is That Woody Harrelson?

If you’re a fan of Woody Harrelson then you’ll love his character in Cheers… Woody.

Ignore the ridiculous amount of buttons on his open-collar shirt – there’s nine, we counted – and revel in the scene where he is constantly interrupted in his attempts to kiss Rebecca.


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