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Everything you need to know about recognisable Lewis from Channel 5's Make Or Break

Channel 5 has released a brand new series of Make Or Break.

Eight couples fly out to a Caribbean relationship retreat to work on their love lives.

The couples decide whether they’ll make things work or if they should break up forever.

Make Or Break 2 contestant Lewis may look vaguely familiar, here’s where you’ve seen the reality star before…

Screen Shot: Lewis Make Or Break – My5

Where Have You Seen Lewis Before?

If the sight of Lewis seems very familiar to you, it’s because he appeared on MTV’s Ex On The Beach in 2016.

He was 25 at the time and lost his temper in episode 4 resulting in him being escorted off the show by security.

Following his Ex On The Beach kerfuffle, people on Twitter suggested that Lewis needs to seek help for anger management, however, he said to The Daily Star: “I don’t need anger management, I just don’t like bullies”.

Lewis Make Or Break Season 2

With the fact that Lewis had previously lost his temper on Ex On The Beach and described himself as short-tempered, it was pretty much inevitable that he would do the same on Make Or Break.

Lewis and his girlfriend Emily had done well as a couple for the majority of the show however when it came to Emily potentially having to share a room with another contestant, Liam, Lewis was having none of it.

Lewis’ GIF

As the days went by in the Caribbean couples retreat the prospect of Emily sharing a room with Liam was drawing nearer.

Lewis said: “I wish I had the patience and tolerance to talk to people and not get angry.”

Emily said: “You shouldn’t let other people’s actions have such a massive, negative effect on how you feel.”

And when that day finally came around, Lewis could quite hack it and stormed off in a seriously bad mood.

The show’s host, Rick Edwards, found it so funny that he asked for someone to make a GIF of Lewis’s strop.

In episode 6 it was announced that Emily and Liam would be sharing a room and Lewis stormed through the circle of truth and left the show.

Throughout the show, Lewis had expressed his dislike for Liam and said: “There’s no way that he can go 48 hours without saying one thing which will upset her (Emily).”

Lewis said: “That ain’t happening, mate. Nah, we’re done.”

Emily followed shortly behind.

Screen Shot: Lewis Make Or Break – My5

Are Emily and Lewis Still Together?

Yes! By the looks of both of their Instagram accounts, Emily and Lewis are still a couple.

Lewis (@loopylew_) has almost 46,000 followers on Instagram and Emily (@emily.froud) has almost 2,000.

In February 2019 Lewis and Emily both shared posts featuring each other so things look to be on track!



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