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Meet the cast of C5's Make Or Break series 2 on Instagram

Dating shows really are all the rage nowadays and if a few months without Love Island is just too much for you then now you can relax.

Channel 5 brings us a second series of Make Or Break where eight couples take part to find out if the one they’re with will be their ‘one and only’ forever more.

Expect catfights, couples tiffs and maybe some couple goals with this one!

Here’s the cast of Channel 5’s Make Or Break 2019 who are ready to swap partners, face challenges and truly find out if they’re in the right relationship…

Make Or Break 2019 cast

Kirsty Stenhouse – @kirstystenhousex

Edinburgh born Kirsty is 23 years old and works as a PA.

She’s in a relationship with Kieran, however, she has been a member of a sugar daddy website where she’s taken out on dates by older, affluent men for money. She initially hid this from Kieran, but one evening he found the messages and confronted her.

Make Or Break season 2 cast Kirsty and Kieran – My5

Ruby Day – @rubylday

Ruby is a 26-year-old actress and model.

The Essex girl’s other half is Shaun. Her boyfriend’s player past means he doesn’t trust girls…including Ruby.

Elle Sweeney – @ellejsweeney

Elle is 20 years old and from Suffolk.

She works as a pharmacy dispenser and is in a relationship with Kyle.

After 3 years together Kyle and Elle are no longer in their honeymoon period. They argue
every day and say they “live like an old married couple and are not even 20 yet”.

Kenzii Mclaren – @kenziimclaren

London based model, Kenzii is 24 years old.

She’s in a non-official relationship with Aaron, however, the pair say they won’t get with anyone else.

According to Channel 5, when they first met Aaron lied about his age, which has made trust a huge issue in their unique relationship.

Emily Froud – @emily.froud

Emily is 21 years old and works in marketing.

She’s in a relationship with Lewis who says they’ve only been together six months but Emily is adamant they’ve been together for the best part of three years.

Stephanie Veronique – @stephanieveronique

Portuguese Stephanie is an insurance company worker from Bedford.

She’s 22 years old and has been in a relationship with Jamie for four years.

Shauna Gallon – @shaunagallon_

A social media influencer from Newcastle, 20-year-old Shauna is in a relationship with Chris.

According to Channel 5, Shauna receives flirty messages from famous footballers and reality stars on a regular basis, which has caused arguments between the two in the past.

Amelia Thomson – @amelia_thomsonx

Make-up artist Amelia is 22 years old.

She’s going out with Liam but hates his job as a club promoter because of the attention he gets from other girls.


Essex girl, Iona is in a relationship with Jordan.

They’ve been together for three and a half years and she works as a spa therapist.

Iona and Jordan describe the relationship as “volatile” and they often row in public and cause scenes.

Iona and Jordan – Make Or Break? Series 2

Crystal Foster – @littlemissloon

Lingerie Model, Crystal, is 22 years old and comes from Doncaster.

She’s in a relationship with Essex boy Tom and has been for a year and two months, although according to Channel 5, temper tantrums and trust issues are a daily occurrence for this hot-headed couple!

Channel 5 Make Or Break series 2 – Crystal

Jamie Patterson – @jmebpatterson

Jamie is 28 years old, from Bedford and is in a relationship with Stephanie, however, the pair have major trust issues after Stephanie found out that Jamie had been messaging a girl he met on a night out clubbing.

He works as a paint repair technician and model.

Kieran Harrison – @kieran_har

Lifeguard, Kieran is 23 years old and comes from Carlisle.

He’s been in a relationship with Kirsty for a year and three months.

Chris Powell – @chrispowell31

Chris comes from Grimsby and works as a contractor.

He’s 27 years old and has been in a relationship with Shauna for three months.

Tom Simpson – @tomsimpson_uk

A personal trainer from Essex, Tom is 28 years old and is in a relationship with Crystal.

Tom first met Crystal in a nightclub when he was on a night out his “squad of

Kyle Starnes – @kyle_starnes_x

Suffolk boy Kyle is 21 years old and works as a plumber. He’s in a relationship with Elle.

According to Channel 5, while the couple were on a break Kyle slept with two of Elle’s friends. And Elle also slept with one of Kyle’s friends when they were on a break too.

Aaron Fowkes – @aaron_fowkes

Dance Teacher and Children’s Entertainer, Aaron is 32 years old and comes from Surrey.

He’s going out with Kenzii – although the pair haven’t made things official – Both have busy schedules as they juggle full-time jobs, modelling, dancing and living in two different counties, but try to make as much time for each other as possible.

channel 5 make or break series 2 Kenzii and Aaron

Lewis Good – @loopylew_

Pub Manager Lewis is 29 years old and from Surrey.

He’s in a relationship with Emily but can’t bear the thought of going on holiday with her as he thinks two weeks is too much time together.

Jordan Blackmore – @jord_blackmore

Essex lad, Jordan is 25 years old.

He works as a model and plumber.

Jordan’s been in a relationship with Iona for three and a half years however he cheated on her with a prostitute while celebrating his 21st birthday in Amsterdam.

Shaun Pelayo – @shaun_pelayo

Shaun is a 26-year-old Birmingham lad.

He works as a model and is in a relationship with Ruby.


Brummy Liam is 22 years old, he works as a club promoter and has been in a relationship with Amelia for a year.

According to Channel 5, Amelia admits she is Liam’s doormat. He wants to single but just doesn’t know how to end it.

Amelia and Liam – Make or Break s2 – Channel 5



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