Historian Dan Snow hits our screens with a brand new Channel 5 series, Tutankhamun with Dan Snow. This new series sees ‘The History Guy’ head to Egypt to unearth the tale of the legendary pharaoh.

Along for the ride is archaeologist Raksha Dave and journalist and broadcaster, John Sergeant.

While Dan and John are recognisable faces, as both have extensive careers working in television, less is known about the third presenter of the documentary series.

So, who is Raksha Dave? Here’s everything you need to know about the archaeology expert!

Dan Snow and Raksha Dave are in Egypt to tell the story of the life, death and discovery of Tutankhamun

Meet Raksha Dave

Raksha Dave is a field archaeologist, public archaeologist and presenter who has been working in her industry for two decades.

In 1999, Raksha graduated from the UCL Institute of Archaeology.

She revealed in an interview with The Heritage Journal that she had an interest in archaeology from a young age… as young as four! Raksha described herself as “absolutely fascinated by a dinosaur book I saw in a bookshop,” and that’s where the passion began.

Four months after graduating, Raksha got her break as a commercial field archaeologist for the Museum of London Archaeology Service – as it was then known.

Some of Raksha’s other ventures include co-founding the archeological social-enterprise, DigVentures in 2011. She is also a research affiliate of the Pitts Rivers Museum at the University of Oxford.

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Raksha’s TV career

It wasn’t long before Raksha’s career working in television and media took off. In 2003 she landed her first job as a senior archaeologist and TV presenter on Channel 4’s Time Team.

Raksha held this role for the next decade before the series ended.

But her TV career didn’t end there!

In 2015, Raksha presented the BBC Learning Zone’s special, Ancient Voices. Then, three years later she was recruited to present season 7 of Digging for Britain.

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Who is Raksha’s husband?

On April 1st, 2017, Raksha married Nigel Jeffries at the Woolwich Town Hall in London.

Nigel Jeffries is a senior specialist at the Museum of London Archaeology (MOLA). He is a medieval and post-medieval pottery, glass and clay tobacco pipe specialist at MOLA and also the Principal Investigator on the Arts and Humanities Research Council.

Nigel has worked and taught at a variety of universities and institutions across the country.

Follow Raksha on Twitter

To keep up to date with the latest on Raksha and her work projects, then be sure to follow her on Twitter!

She gives a behind-the-scenes approach to all of her projects, so expect lots of pictures of ancient landscapes, dug-up objects and dusty gear.

Check out Raksha on Twitter @Raksha_Digs.