Meet Julian Norton's wife: The Yorkshire Vet star's partner is also an animal doctor!

The Yorkshire Vet follows animal doctors Peter Wright and Julian Norton as they are called to the medical needs of furry friends.

Animals who require assistance are looked after by the veterinarians at their practices in North Yorkshire, England. Julian is seen helping a number of pets at his practice in Boroughbridge, in a bid to save and improve the lives of all fluffy creatures of any size or type.

Viewers of the Channel 5 series have grown curious about Julian’s family life, including his wife. Meet his partner Anne Norton – her career and background!

Julian Norton on The Yorkshire Vet, Episode 7. Picture: Channel 5. Copyright: Daisybeck All Rights Reserved

Meet Julian’s wife Anne Norton

Anne isn’t just married to a vet, she’s also a vet herself, and goes under the title of veterinary surgeon. Both Julian and his wife studied at Cambridge in the mid-1990s before going on to care for animals for their jobs.

She works at Julian’s practice, which is called Rae, Bean & Partners Veterinary Surgery.

Anne and Julian live together in Thirsk, North Yorkshire. She previously lived in Hampshire and The Cotswolds before they moved to the place where her husband became a TV star.


She briefly appeared on The Yorkshire Vet for the first time in its eighth series.

Julian and Anne’s marriage

It is not known when the 48-year-old Yorkshire Vet star and his wife Anne got married.

On Julian’s Facebook profile, their earliest public photo together was posted in 2014.

However Julian commented saying it’s the “first picture he could find” as he’s “clueless with this Facebook thing”, so it is likely they have been together for several years before it was posted.

Do Julian and Anne have any children or pets?

The couple have two sons Jack and Archie – and the family-of-four don’t fall short of a furry friend.

Julian told BBC Countryfile Magazine in 2018 about his Jack Russell terrier dog Emmy. He said she “does most things at 100 miles per hour”.



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