Meet Mr and Mrs Green from The Yorkshire Vet series on Channel 5!

Fans want to know more about Mr and Mrs Green from The Yorkshire Vet on Channel 5. Just who are the popular farmers on the show?

The couple is trending due to their appearance on the show last week. Fans saw farmers Steve and Jean being paid a visit by Peter, who joins the pair for a tipple.

The Yorkshire Vet is now on Season 12 and ‘The Greens’ are long time farmers which have been shown on the series for years. Fans are wondering what there is to know about the popular couple that are regulars on the show.

So, just who are Mr and Mrs Green from The Yorkshire Vet?

Meet Mr and Mrs Green from The Yorkshire Vet

The Greens are a couple that frequently appears on the series as farmers. One half of the couple is wife, Jean Green, who is in her 70’s The other half is her husband, Steve Green is in his 90’s. The couple has been together for over 40 years and resides in Thirsk, Yorkshire.

Steve has been working on his family farm in Thirsk for over 70 years. The couple wakes up at 6 AM every day they tell ‘Yorkshire Post‘. The couple met on the farm when Jean was in her late 20’s and have been together ever since. As they live out in the country, they rely on natural resources that can be found on the farm.

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Jean and Steve say the series is “brilliant” and that they never expected to be on the series, the couple regularly gets stopped for photographs in the street.

About The Yorkshire Vet series on Channel 5

The Yorkshire Vet is a documentary series, which has been running since 2015. The show focuses on staff that work at ‘Skeldale Veterinary Centre’ in Thirsk, North Yorkshire.

The series is followed by thousands of viewers across Britain and sits at 8.8 on IMDB. The main vets of the show, who have featured on it since it started are Julian Nortan and Peter Wright. The series director is David Terry.

How to watch The Yorkshire Vet explained

Episodes of The Yorkshire Vet air on Tuesdays at 8 PM BST. Fans can catch up with the series through ‘My5‘, Channel 5’s catch up site, which features previous episodes as well as Channel 5’s library of TV shows and docuseries.

The service is free to use and available on multiple devices. If you sign up for an account with them (also free), My5 lets customers enjoy longer catch-up windows. Without an account, shows are only available to watch for 7 days, once it has been aired.

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