Nick Leeson is proving an unlikely fan-favourite of Celebrity Big Brother 2018.

The man known as the ‘Rogue Trader’ due to his involvement in the collapse of Barings Bank in 1995 has never been priced favourably with the bookies. However, his popularity within the CBB house means that is yet to be put up for eviction.

During the recent Celebrity Big Brother letters from home episode, Nick was in tears as a note from his family was read out loud.

So, who is Nick Leeson’s wife? And how many children does he have?

Nick Leeson Storm

Barings Bank collapsed in 1995 after suffering losses of £827 million resulting from poor speculative investments, primarily in futures contracts, conducted by its employee Nick Leeson. ING, a Dutch bank, purchased Barings Bank in 1995 for the nominal sum of £1 and assumed all of Barings’ liabilities, forming the subsidiary ING Barings.

There was a week-long manhunt as Nick attempted to avoid jail time, although he was eventually caught, convicted and jailed for six years. Nick was released from prison in 1999 after he was diagnosed with cancer.

He turned his talents to motivational speaking and writing, where his book Rogue Traders was eventually turned into a Hollywood movie.

Nick Leeson Age

Nick Leeson is 51 years old.

He was 28 when he was arrested and sent to prison, 32 upon his release.

Nick Leeson Wife

Nick is married to a woman called Leona, who he met after the Rogue Trader scandal and following his release from prison.

His first wife, Lisa, stopped visiting him while he was serving his prison sentence and eventually asked for a divorce, before moving on to marry another banker.

Things turned out for the best for Nick, however, and he credits Leona for the stability and happiness in his life having been able to move on from a dark past and forge a new life.

Celebrity Big Brother Summer 2018 - Nick Leeson
Celebrity Big Brother Summer 2018 – Nick Leeson

Nick and Leona met in a nightclub in Watford and now live together in Ireland. They tied the knot in Dublin in 2003, meaning they have been married for 15 years – and counting!

A friend of Nick told The Express: Leona is absolutely lovely and has been great for Nick. They are just a normal family. He doesn’t hide his past but equally he doesn’t shout about it from the rooftops.”

Nick Leeson Family

Leona already had two children when she met Nick, Kersty and Alex.

However, the two conceived their own child together when Leona gave birth to Mackensey in 2004, who is now 14 years old.


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