TWITTER reacts to ‘another’ cheating male on One Night With My Ex

Fans and critics of reality TV series One Night With My Ex have been blowing up on Twitter over the latest episode.

The second series of Channel 5’s jaw-dropping show is soon coming to its close, but not without controversy.

Some viewers have been outraged at the admissions of contestants and the arguments that follow, as former couples meet up to discuss where they went wrong.

Needless to say, it’s not a show we would all apply for.

On Tuesday’s (January 23) broadcast we saw three former couples in Tim and Hannah, Ross and Lee and Phil and Charlotte.


The first couple (Him Tannah if they were a celeb couple) explained to camera how they had been together for nine months.

It then came to light that Hannah had broke up with her ex-lover having found out that he had another girlfriend the entire time. Oh dear.

Tim had been receiving petrol money from girlfriend Hannah, before using it to drive from girlfriend number two’s house to girlfriend number one’s for a sleepover. We hope he at very least used cheap gas.

Hannah went on to confess that she was always “too much in love with him (Tim)” and that she was often “blinded by their love”.

Fortunately, almost a year later, and it looked like Hannah was beginning to cotton-on to her cheating ex-boyfriends antics when she questioned a hairband he was wearing around his wrist.

But the drama didn’t end there for Him Tannah. Having opened the show with an incredibly awkward hug, like when you meet your auntie for the first time in two years, things miraculously picked up on the home straight.

Viewers were left shocked and horrified at the final result of the episode.

Despite all the lies and deceit that had been placed on the table by Tim . . . . HANNAH ONLY WENT AND TOOK HIM BACK.

Tim sang a soulful hand-written song to his ex and Hannah could do nothing but fall back into his arms.

And they all lived happily ever after. . . .

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