Who is Rauri Morgan from Ben Fogle: New Lives in the Wild? Meet the former HR executive!

Who is Rauri Morgan from Ben Fogle: New Lives in the Wild? Meet the former HR executive!

Rauri Morgan stars in the third episode of Ben Fogle: New Lives in the Wild – let’s get to know him.

Ben Fogle visits some of most remote and unknown places in the world to find out why certain people have turned their backs on the modern world and chose to live a simpler lifestyle.

In episode 3 of his new series (January 19th), Ben Fogle travels to the island of Rathlin in Northern Ireland to meet former HR executive Rauri Morgan.

So, who is Rauri? Here’s everything you need to know about him, including age, career and social media profiles.

Rauri Morgan outside his home in Rathlin Island Northern Ireland, Channel 5

Who is Rauri Morgan?

Rauri Morgan, 41, is a former HR executive who lives on Rathlin island, Northern Ireland.

The New Lives in the Wild star, who is originally from Ballycastle, graduated with a BA in Human Resources Management from the University of East London, his LinkedIn bio shows.

He had held various HR positions in different companies, including as an European HR Manager at IDT Global, Senior Project Manager at Accor (Sydney, Australia) and Head of HR at Warner Chilcott.

Rauri’s LinkedIn page shows that he has served as a Coordinator and Team Manager at Refugee Rescue in the last five years where he is “responsible for the recruitment, training and scheduling of international volunteers and crew members”.

He also works at a bar in Rathlin and volunteers at the island’s fire service.

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Rauri Morgan and Presenter Ben Fogle on Rathlin Island in Northern Ireland, Channel 5

Rauri Morgan on New Lives in the Wild

Ben Fogle travels to the north coast of Northern Ireland to visit Rauri on the remote island of Rathlin.

Rauri turned his back on the corporate world and moved to a 500-year-old cottage eight years ago, an heirloom left from his family. He has renovated the cottage into a cosy home which he shares with his dog, Fionn.

The former HR executive revealed how he was approached to star on the show. He said (via News Letter):

“They found me. I am part of the Workaway scheme where people come and stay for a week or two and help out around the house, and that’s how they found me. I kind of ignored them for a while and then they spoke to a friend of mine and she put them in contact with me.”

Is Rauri on Instagram?

We couldn’t find a public Instagram profile that belongs to Rauri. It’s very likely that his account is private if he is on the social media platform.

But he can be found on Twitter under the handle @Rauri where he has 221 followers.

On his bio, Rauri writes that he is an “Island Dweller” and his last tweets date back to early 2018.



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