What is Jessen James's net worth? Public speaker and business mentor is making millions

Rich House, Poor House returned for another episode last night (Sunday, April 26th) and introduced viewers to Jessen James, a self-made millionaire whose career largely rests on his own self.

Working as a speaker and business mentor, Jessen has transformed his own life, and uses his own failures to help others.

But what is Jessen James’s net worth?

Find out about the Rich House, Poor House star’s career and net worth here.

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Jessen James: Career background

Jessen, 39, is a public speaker, author and business mentor originally from East Ham, London. He was born in December, 1980.

Now, Jessen lives in Kent with his fiancée Lorna and their children.

After Jessen graduated from sixth form college, he became a care assistant at a private psychiatric hospital and then qualified as a nurse. But it wasn’t long until Jessen switched career paths.


First, Jessen attempted to establish his own luxury bathroom business, but that quickly went bust. Jessen’s next endeavour was to launch a company which provided supportive living facilities for adults with learning difficulties.

This company grew, and with his newfound success, Jessen started buying properties from homes to beauty salons. These ventures raked in the millions, but it would also lead him to the most profitable aspect of his career: business mentoring.

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What is Jessen James’s business?

With the lessons he had learnt in business over the years, Jessen founded the Business Freedom Formula and The Business & Marketing School.

His clientele have been top in their fields, and one report on Jessen said he had mentored the likes of Presidents and Premiership Footballers.

After being named the UK Public Speaking Champion and a 7 Times Award Winning International Speaker, Jessen published his own book about the journey to success. His coaching and advice is highly sought-after.

Jessen James: Net worth

Unconfirmed, but Jessen’s net worth is definitely in the millions, as we heard in the episode of Rich House, Poor House.

Jessen made his first million back in 2013, aged 33, and it will have continued to rise since then.

Jessen spends an average of £2,400 per week on clothes and food, which totals at £124,800 per year – and that’s just the average! From a glance over Jessen’s Instagram, we can see that he regularly shops at Louis Vuitton and is always shopping at Harrods, so Jessen definitely isn’t afraid to splash the cash.

According to Company Check, two out of three of Jessen’s companies dissolved, however we don’t think this has impacted Jessen’s net worth, although it raised some eyebrows of inquisitive viewers. A vast majority of Jessen’s net worth will come from his work as a speaker, mentor and author, as Jessen is technically self-employed.

Much of Jessen’s income will also come from his investments in property.

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