Rich House, Poor House has returned to Channel 5 this spring for its sixth season to date.

The life swap series follows as those who rake in the big bucks every year trade places with those living on the breadline. Not only do they swap properties, as the title suggests, but the participants have to live on one another’s weekly budget leading to some major reality checks.

Series 6 episode 5 (Sunday, April 26th) features the UK’s public speaking champion and business mogul Jessen James.

But who is Jessen? Find out about the Rich House, Poor House star here.

James family arriving at Fox’s house

Who is Jessen James?

Jessen James is a public speaker, author and business mentor. Jessen is also the founder of the Business Freedom Formula and The Business & Marketing School.

Although unconfirmed what Jessen studied at university, he attended the University of Herefordshire.

In this biography about Jessen from the SanjFest conference, they state that he has worked with everyone from Presidents to Premiership Footballers.

You can find out more about Jessen and his work on his website.

Jessen James on Rich House, Poor House

Jessen took on the Channel 5 life swap series with his partner Lorna Morgan. Lorna has two daughters of her own, Amber and Isla Galbraith.

The James family swapped with the Fox family: Lee, Jamie and their three kids, Molly-George, Ashton and Tyler.


This episode sees a contrast to the others, as normally they choose families from the same area. Instead, episode 5 is called ‘The North/South Divide’; it focusses on life in Bradford for the Fox family, and the luxurious Home Counties way of life that the James’ enjoy.

Rich House, Poor House has not been Jessen’s only encounter with the world of reality television, as he was shortlisted for a series of The Apprentice, according to his LinkedIn profile.

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Follow Jessen on Instagram

To keep up to date with the latest on Jessen James and his business ventures, then you can find the Rich House, Poor House star on Instagram under the handle @jessenjames_official.

Currently, Jessen has just over 1,000 Instagram followers.




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