Meet Katy from Rich House, Poor House: Millionaire make-up artist trades places with Nadine

The sixth season of Channel 5’s life swap series Rich House, Poor House drew to its conclusion on Sunday, May 3rd.

The series follows as the super rich swap places with those living on the breadline for one week, in the hopes that this might prompt some personal revelations and reality checks from those with plenty of money to spare.

Make-up artist and technician Katy Jobbins trades places with struggling single mum Nadine in the final episode. But who is Katy Jobbins? How successful is she?

Find out about the beauty therapist and how she made her fortunes here.

Jobbins-Bate family outside their own house

Who is Katy?

Katy Jobbins is the Founder & Head Trainer of The Permanent Makeup Training Academy. She is one of the UK’s most successful permanent makeup artists and trainers with over 50 clinics around the country.

Originally, Katy worked as an artist and galleries around the world exhibited her works. Katy studied fine art at John Leggot college in Lincolnshire. Her highest selling painting sold for £11,000 when she was just 20 years old.


At the age of 19, Katy decided to follow another career path while she continued working as an artist. At this young age, Katy decided to set up and run her own beauty salon and spa, which went on to win plenty of awards. Katy’s success in the beauty world overtook her career as an artist and she mainly focusses on this business now.

Katy’s impressive career track record continued, as by the age of 33 she had been shortlisted for 3 lifetime achievement awards. In 2014, Katy won Sussex’s Woman of the Year.

She now runs and manages a training academy in West Sussex with her husband, Paul Bate. They established this business in June 2009.

Katy Jobbins on Rich House, Poor House

Katy swapped her lavish way of living with single mum Nadine Hill, who works in a hair salon.

Nadine Hill lives with her son Morgan in a flat in Portsmouth, where she has just £80 at her disposal each week. They are joined by Nadine’s best friend Alex Taylor on Rich House, Poor House.

Nadine’s life starkly contrasts Katy’s, who splashes over £1,000 on pairs of high heels, and has both a Porsche and an Aston Martin sitting in her driveway.

Katy is joined by her husband Paul and their three children on the Channel 5 life swap series.

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From Left: Nadine Hill, Morgan Hill and Alex Taylor in front of Hill apartment building

Does Katy have Instagram?

Yes, however her account is private.

We found someone under the IG handle @jobbinsbate who has the name of Katy Jobbins-Bate. But they have no posts, a private account, and a following of just 68 people.

We could not find Katy on Twitter.




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