Rich House Poor House: Meet Rob Jones - he's also on Come Dine with Me!

The Channel 5 life-swap series exploring the nation’s wealth disparity is back for its fifth series.

Rich House, Poor House focusses on two families each episode, from very different background, who swap everything about their lives for a week-long experiment. It’s understandably quite an eye-opener for the participating families!

In episode 4 (Thursday, October 24th), viewers were introduced to Rob Jones, who caused a bit of a comeuppance on the show for his criticisms of the less well-off family.

So, who is Rob Jones? How is he so successful?

L-R Archie, Rob, and Charlie Jones standing outside Robinsons’ House

Meet Rob from Rich House, Poor House

Rob Jones is a 54-year-old self-made businessman from Ascot, Berkshire. He made his millions selling cars and then investing in properties.

Rob now lives in a 12-bedroom house with his wife Michelle and two sons, Charlie (17) and Archie (12).

The Jones family live a life of privilege in their £5million Ascot home which they like to call ‘Woodstock’, so far removed from the one they swap with in the episode of Rich House, Poor House.

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Rob Jones: Career bio

Rob found his feet after he decided to leave school at the age of 16, as he started living out of a caravan and selling luxury cars on the side to make money. His savings went back into the business of car dealing and buying up garages.

Now, he runs a business, using three of his properties for events, weddings and even hen parties.

His Victorian guest house has had the likes of Robbie Williams and Samuel L. Jackson stay, as it has its own heliport for ultra-privacy. Celebs can get in and out of the property away from the prying eye of the paparazzi!

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Rob’s Come Dine with Me appearance

Rich House, Poor House is not the first time Rob has appeared on our screens.

Back in 2017, he starred in an episode of Channel 4’s hit cooking competition Come Dine with Me! Woodstock was the chosen venue for Rob’s dinner party and so if you’ve seen the episode before, you might recognise the palatial Ascot mansion.

He was a real hit with both the viewers and the other contestants, as Rob took home the prize!

But, as the millionaire did not need the cash prize himself, he gave it to his friend Tim Clare (58) to enjoy his dream holiday.





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