The bizarre and some would say twisted experiment that is Rich House, Poor House is back on Channel 5 for its sixth series on Sunday, March 29th.

The series sees the extremely wealthy trade places with those on a lower income for a week, to experience ‘how the other half live’.

Up first in episode 1 is the Elwes family, headed up by landowning patriarch Robert. Robert Elwes, his wife, and daughter swap lives with the Leckenby family.

So, who is Robert Elwes? How did the Rich House, Poor House star make his money?

Robert & Marina cheering on the Greyhounds by the track – Rich House, Poor House S6

Who is Robert Elwes?

Robert Elwes is a landowner based in Lincolnshire. He oversees the Sawcliffe Manor Farms and Estate. This also is extended to Roxby and Elsham Hall.

From 1980 to 1983, Robert studied at RAC College for a diploma in Estate Management; this covers Law, Agriculture, Building and Surveying, Valuations, Farming and Leisure activities.

Over the years Robert has taken on many projects and businesses. Some of these include being the marketing director for Tom Woods Beers Ltd.


Robert is also a keen theatre lover and founded the Elsham Hall Country Park and Barn Theatre in 1986, and he has been producing plays there ever since.

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Meet the Elwes family

Robert participated in the Rich House, Poor House experiment with his wife, an archaeologist called Marina, and his daughter Emily.

Marina is specifically an archaeological illustrator and she studied at the University of Heidelberg. She also has worked as a dyslexia trainer.

We found Emily on Twitter under the handle @EmilyElwes and found that she spends her time between London and Barcelona. Emily is the founder of Flylancer, which is an offline network of freelances and digital nomads. However, Emily has not tweeted since February 2019, so her situation may have changed.

Robert on Rich House, Poor House

In the first episode of Rich House, Poor House, the Elwes family swap lives with the Leckenbys.

The Leckenbys are headed up by mum and dad Siobhan and Andy. They have three children: Kacey-Leigh, Oscar, and Poppy.

The Leckenbys – Rich House, Poor House S6




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