Roxanne Pallett is the centre of attention inside the Celebrity Big Brother house.

Caught between a playful relationship with housemate Ben Jardine and a fresh engagement on the outside world – not to mention accusing Ryan Thomas of punching her – Roxanne has had a very eventful time in CBB so far.

Here are five moments that give us concern over her mental health, following spookily odd behaviour at times from the 35-year-old.

Turning on Hardeep

This can almost be split into two, as Roxanne has turned on housemate Hardeep Singh Kohli twice.

First, there was her reaction to Hardeep’s comedy roast. Hardeep poked fun at everybody in the Celebrity Big Brother house, making note of the fake relationship Roxy and Ben Jardine had formed while putting on a theatrical play.

Roxy was reduced to tears, venting anger at Hardeep for his “insensitive” comments.

Now, it appears that Roxanne is about to turn on Hardeep again.

She has become fiercely aggravated by Hardeep’s comments that Ben may “look like a mug” following his admission that he likes Roxanne romantically.

Confusion and Confessions

Roxanne has often looked dazed and confused when talking about the ‘outside world’.

During her 14-day (and counting) stint in the house, she has confessed to losing touch with reality.

Which isn’t a good sign.

On day 11, Roxanne said to Dan Osborne: My head was a mess last night. I’m finding it hard to remember my life outside, I’m struggling to remember Lee’s voice.”

Celebrity Big Brother Summer 2018 - Roxanne Pallett
Celebrity Big Brother Summer 2018 – Roxanne Pallett

Repeatedly Kissing Her Engagement Ring

Roxanne was spotted crumpled up on the floor almost obsessively kissing her engagement ring.

This followed the revelation that her house ‘pal’, Ben Jardine, was having a baby with a mystery woman on the outside world.

The news clearly shocked Roxy, and she coped with the issue by repeatedly kissing her engagement while sitting alone in the bedroom.

“Woman Beater” Reaction

The entire scene where Ryan Thomas pretends to punch Roxanne in the stomach is bizarre.

As Ryan playfully pretends to box with Roxanne as he passes her in the Celebrity Big Brother kitchen, Roxanne calls out “woman beater” while making out that she was hurt.

As she retreated to the bedroom she didn’t say Ryan’s name either, but said allowed: I’ve just been beaten up by Jason Grimshaw off Coronation Street.”

Ryan was sent to the diary and warned about his actions, although this after Roxanne had gone to the Diary Room to complain.

Sleeping in the Spare Room

Adding to this scene is Roxanne’s second reaction. She never confronted Ryan about the issue but turned her attention back to the Diary Room later that evening.

She confessed that she “didn’t feel safe” sleeping in the bedroom with Ryan and said that he should be forced to leave the CBB house.

Roxane requested to sleep in the spare bedroom before moving in there for the night.


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