See The Lawn Guesthouse now! The Hotel Inspector terrifies B&B owner

As a viewer of Channel 5 programme The Hotel Inspector, the before and after process is all quite entertaining.

But most hotel owners must spend the weeks and days before Alex Polizzi’s arrival quaking in their boots.

Episode 3 of the hotel makeover programme saw Alex head to a B&B near Gatwick, London to inspect The Lawn Guesthouse.

The Lawn Guesthouse owner, Quasim, could barely look Alex in the eye on arrival and his nerves made the episode almost hard to watch!

So, where is The Lawn Guesthouse now? Did the Hotel Inspector manage to turn it around?

Screen Shot: The Hotel Inspector s15 e03 – Channel 5

The Hotel Inspector visits The Lawn Guesthouse

The minute Alex arrived at The Lawn she could immediately see that Quasim was extremely nervous.

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Alex established that the whole guesthouse was experiencing “a split personality” with the entrance looking modernised and chic but other rooms in the B&B old and horribly decorated.

Quasim quickly moved Alex from her original room to another before she could see it.

Later, when she was inspecting the rest of the rooms, Alex realised why he moved her as she found a saloon door separating the bedroom room the bathroom.

Screen Shot: The Hotel Inspector s15 e03 – Channel 5

What is The Lawn Hotel like now?

Alex took the bull by the horns with The Lawn Guesthouse and managed to nurture Quasim’s enthusiasm in the right direction.

On arrival, Quasim was working his whole business from a messy notepad. He was also doing everything himself from managing airport transfers to breakfast.

A modern makeover of the breakfast room was required to make it in-keeping with the rest of the building.

Screen Shot: Trip Advisor The Lawn Guest House Horley

Alex sorted out the hotel’s confused interior and got to the bottom of why Quasim wasn’t making any money.

She thought about the kind of people who would want to stay at the B&B and a meeting with cabin crew staff was held opening up The Lawn to a whole new customer.

Today it costs around £80 to stay at The Lawn Guesthouse for one night in July.

The Guest House – which is just a five-minute drive from Gatwick airport – has four out of five stars on Trip Advisor and is rated number 14 out of 32 B&B’s in the area.

At the end of the episode, Alex took Quasim to Gatwick. He was left speechless as she revealed an advert for his hotel.

Alex said: “Over 400,000 people will see the sign over a week.”

Quasim and his guesthouse were left with the best possible chances.

Screen Shot: Trip Advisor The Lawn Guest House Horley

The Hotel Inspector series 15

The Hotel Inspector is onto its fifteenth series in 2019.

Episode 3 aired Thursday, June 20th and focussed on The Lawn Guest House, Horley.

The episode re-runs on Sunday, June 23rd, however, if you ever miss an episode you can always catch up on My5.

Screen Shot: Quasim The Hotel Inspector s15 e03 – Channel 5



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