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Gemma Berry and Tony Jones.

Twitter SLAMS “single man wannabe" on Seven Year Switch - the new Wife Swap!

The new series of Seven Year Switch has arrived, airing on Channel 4 at 9 pm on Tuesday night (March 6, 2018).

Featuring four married couples in extreme relationship trouble, C4 follows the couples as they embark on a radical experiment to try and rescue their marriages.

Already, the show has been likened to Wife Swap – only here, they share bedrooms!

Key Characters

A major talking point from episode one was the broken relationship between Tony and Gemma.

The couple agreed to the Seven Year Switch concept, spending two weeks away from one other and swapping their lives at home in the U.K to for a luxurious break on the island of Ko Samui, Thailand.

Screen Shot: Seven Year Switch, C4

However, during this break, husband Tony was to spend time with another wife (also facing relationship problems) while Gemma plays vice verse.

Like we said – Wife Swap.

Twitter is Not a Fan of Tony

The couple unravelled their relationship problems in emotional pieces to camera, with hairdresser Tony seemingly wanting to call off the relationship of 15 years to be single.

Screen Shot: Tony – Seven Year Switch, C4

Screen Shot: Tony – Seven Year Switch, C4

He admitted that since the high school sweethearts had met in their teenage years, he has been curious as to what life would be like if he was single.

Tony had moved out of the family home to live with his parents, leaving Gemma to look after the two children. The Seven Year Switch experiment was earmarked as their last shot at rekindling their love.

Screen Shot: Seven Year Switch, C4

Screen Shot: Seven Year Switch, C4

Screen Shot: Seven Year Switch, C4

Tony Eats His Words

While many on Twitter called out Tony was his selfish desires to be single, they seemed to enjoy the kick in the teeth he received after arriving in Thailand.

Tony found out that the apartment he was staying in only had one bedroom, and that he would have to share a bed. It then dawned on him that his wife would be in the same situation.

Cue the mental breakdown.

Screen Shot: Tony LOSES it – Seven Year Switch, C4

Screen Shot: Tony LOSES it – Seven Year Switch, C4

Screen Shot: Tony LOSES it – Seven Year Switch, C4

Tony was raging and forced producers into letting him ring his wife, where he vented his fury at the situation of shared rooms.

Although Gemma reassured him that the situation was actually fine, and that step in husband Simon had in fact allowed her to have the bedroom while he kipped on the sofa, Tony would not back down.

Screen Shot: GEMMA speaks her mind – Seven Year Switch, C4

Screen Shot: TONY replies – Seven Year Switch, C4

The show ended with Tony increasingly vexed and It remains to be seen whether he is still on Seven Year Switch next week.

Find out what happens next week on Seven Year Switch, airing every Tuesday, 9:15 pm, on Channel 4.

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