Shop Smart Save Money: What was the cheapest Samsung TV available?
Shop Smart Save Money

Shop Smart Save Money: What was the cheapest Samsung TV available?

The Channel 5 series Shop Smart Save Money aims to find consumers the very best prices on a wide range of household items.

Presenters Fiona Phillips and Gaby Roslin help guide new homeowners on the most cost-effective ways to decorate their homes, with the help of industry experts.

In last night’s episode (Thursday, April 25th), couple Byron and Sophie were on the lookout for a brand new Samsung TV. But did they manage to stick to their budget? Here’s what went down.

Shop Smart Save Money

Who was looking to save money this week?

This week’s episode (Thursday, April 24th) focused on the Harris family from Somerset.

Viewers were introduced to dad Byron, mum Sophie, and their seven-month-year-old daughter Avery.

The young family were hoping to save money when purchasing a Samsung TV in the run-up to buying their very first home.

The Harris family

What was their Samsung TV budget?

In this week’s episode, the Harris family were on the hunt for a brand new Samsung TV.

The requirements were that the Samsung TV had to be 4K HD, 50 inches wide, and a Smart TV.

They had set themselves a budget of £300.

What Samsung TV’s did the experts find?

After research, the Channel 5 money saving expert found three Samsung TV options, including the UE50RU7100 model. This TV ticked every box on the Harris family’s wish list, however, at £649 it was £349 over budget.

The UE43RU7100 Samsung TV model found by the expert came in at £519.99, which was quite a hefty £219 over the family’s budget.

The cheapest Samsung TV model was the UE49NU7100, which came in at £369.

Shop Smart Save Money

Which Samsung TV did the family choose?

The Harris’ eventually picked the UE43RU7100 Samsung TV model.

The television was the cheapest option brought forward.

the family managed to stick very close to their original TV budget, spending just £69 more than initially planned.

When is Shop Smart Save Money on TV?

Shop Smart Save Money currently airs on Channel 5.

Episodes are shown weekly on Thursday at 8 pm.

You can catch up with the series on My5.



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