Episode five of Channel 5 dating show One Night With My Ex brought us one of the oddest romantic gestures the world of reality TV has ever seen.

Big, wonderful and extraordinary romantic acts can often pull through when trying to win over a loved one. Or, so we heard.

In One Night With My Ex we have seen individuals woo ex’s with hand-written poems, serenade their former partner’s with soulful songs and, now, turn up in the suit you had supposed to wear on your wedding day. Right.

James had been a serious relationship with girlfriend Lara for three and a half years. And by that, we mean he used to walk a marathon per-day to see her.

James said: “When I first met Lara I lived 14 miles away from her.

“So I would walk 14 miles, spend an hour with her, walk 14 miles back, but it was worth every step.”

After a romantic proposal on Valentines Day, the pair planned their wedding. Deposits were paid  upfront and Lara had probably picked out the dream dress she wanted for the big day.

She said: “When we broke up it was six months away from wedding. We had everything planned, all the deposits paid.

“All I saw was the angry side of him, there was no love anymore like that anymore, so ending the relationship was the hardest decision I’ve ever had to make.

“I was completely broke as a person.”

After nine months apart the pair had met at One Night With My Ex’s swanky apartment, with James dressed head to toe in his wedding suit.

He confessed that he wasn’t sure how Lara would react to the bizarre wearing of a wedding suit – however Twitter didn’t hold back with its reaction.

His ex Lara had strong opinions on the so-called ‘romantic gesture’ too, although it fell in James’s favour.

She said: “I sold my wedding dress because I didn’t think I’d ever wear it again.

“But the fact that it doesn’t call him bad memories to wear the suit makes me happy. He looks so good in suit too.”

Conversation flickered across subjects from making cups of tea to the usual “what have you been up too”, before things hotted up with questions about the couples sex life.

Although James confessed to camera that he had enjoyed “the best three years of sex in his life” and that his former partner was “very adventurous in the bedroom”, Lara had differing thoughts on the bedroom situation.

Look away now if you’re the type of person who cant bare awkward situations.

The couple discussed  their previous problems long into the night, with James admitting to anger problems and struggling to deal with aggression for periods towards the end of the relationship.

With the Sex chat done and all problems laid out on the table, all the couple had to do was to finalise their decision on whether to get back together.

Despite Lara admitting to missing James and his quirks, she decided friendship was the best avenue to explore, at least in the short term.

Lara said: “I do think he was open to more than friendship. James does tend to rush into things.

“Maybe in the future something might happen, but right now I want to focus on myself.”

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