Channel 5’s Operation Live never fails to shock, awe, and amaze viewers.

And the final episode of the three-part second series (Thursday, April 11th) proved no different.

This saw a two-hour brain surgery played out in real-time and showed how complex and delicate a procedure it is.

Read on to find out more about the nail-biting moment the neurosurgeons at the Royal London Hospital completed the procedure on live TV…

Operation Live, S2 E3.

What was the operation?

Chris Uff, the neurosurgeon, operated on 57-year-old Ravia.

She had a brain aneurysm and was requiring immediate surgery to halt a bleed to her brain.

And this procedure is definitely not one for the faint-hearted! As it involves opening up the skull and brain to locate the aneurysm.

Was the operation a success?


The faulty blood vessel was clipped and secured to stop any internal bleeding.

But as the procedure was performed live on Thursday, April 11th, there has yet to be any updates on how Ravia is now.

A virtual 3D copy of Ravia’s brain aneurysm.

Twitter: reactions

You would think watching a brain surgery performed live would make you feel just a tad squeamish…

However, these fans prove its much more fascinating than stomach-churning, with many begging Channel 5 for more episodes.

So check out some of the best responses to the surgery below!



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