Following last night’s outrageously eventful episode of Celebrity Big Brother, people have been taking to Twitter to voice their opinions.

Audiences witnessed mounds of pressure finally erupting from the mouth of Andrew Brady as he launched a verbal attack at Ann Widdecombe to fellow housemates.

After Ann had questioned his drunken wrestling show with Shane Jenek, the drag queen also known as Courtney Act, Andrew finally lost his cool.

Ann stated that Andrew’s ‘mother and grandmother’ would have witnessed his play-fighting and that, to her, it was ‘in a position that is normally adopted for a sexual purpose’.

Andrew decided enough was enough.

In a rant orchestrated to fellow contestants Jonny Mitchell, Daniel O’Reilly (Dapper Laughs) and Shane J, Andrew labelled Ann an ‘old c**nt’, among other obscenities.

Many took to Twitter, reacting as shocked as Jess’s face at the time.

However, others felt that Ann was to blame and that Andrew’s rant was through a culmination of events that had brewed from day one in the Celebrity Big Brother house.

Ann is renown for her controversial views on gay marriage. Before Andrew’s outburst he had confessed to the diary room on how he believes that Ann’s views against same-sex relationships are ‘evil’.

He said: “I understand her (Ann) reasons were that Shane and I were performing what she described as a lewd sex act. She mentioned that my mum and grandma were watching, insinuating that I should be ashamed.

“I think she needs to eat her words. She has shown her true colours and they are not nice colours. Too long have I treated her as if she’s righteous.

 “If we agreed with her beliefs we would be going backwards in time. She doesn’t agree in gay marriage, she doesn’t agree with abortion. She’s an evil person in some ways.”

Andrew’s bold and sudden stand against bookies favourite Ann Widdecombe merited plenty of applause on Twitter.

The general consensus is that Andrew should have never directed such aggressive and profound obscenities at Ann. And imagine if she had heard that!

But at the same time, many viewers believe Ann’s opinions on topics such as same-sex marriage are grossly outdated. In a show that covers modern topical issues in gender fluidity, and features transgender and drag queen personalities, perhaps a figure with such old-fashioned opinions shouldn’t be allowed on a reality TV such as Celebrity Big Brother. Then again, perhaps it’s a case of balance.

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Tonight (Friday 26, January, 2018) will see a serious shake-up in the house with THREE housemates facing eviction.  Andrew, Shane J, Dapper Laughs and Jonny Mitchell all face the public vote.

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