Undercover Girlfriends: Where is the Season One cast now? Updates in 2020!

Undercover Girlfriends was the hit show that first aired on Channel 5 in 2018. Now, it has come to MTV.

Fans became obsessed with the reality TV show – so producers brought back a fresh series last year.

Luckily for us, we can re-binge the first series to see it all over again. Think Sun, Sex and Suspicious Parents, but instead with girlfriends spying while the lads go on holiday to Marbella.

But two years on, where are the couples? We dug out some fresh gossip!

Undercover Girlfriends cast, 2018

What are Marco and Nicole up to now?

Without spilling the beans about what happened, none of Nicole’s pictures have anyone except her in. It looks like there isn’t a man in her life at all. She now runs her own clothing brand nicolexlondon.

The Londoner was with Marco – who is absolutely nowhere to be found on social media – for over two years before sending him to Marbella due to trust issues.

They broke up after the show, when it was thought that Marco had become the father of another woman’s baby.

Liam and Rosie: What happened after Undercover Girlfriends

Undercover Girlfriends cast – Liam, Rosie

Liam seems more loved-up with pizza and the lads than any girls. His Instagram is filled with pictures of his holidays to Ibiza and Marbella.

And it looks like Rosie, who went on the show aged 21, from Yorkshire, is also just as happy to be pictured enjoying the sun. They are both clearly single now.

Where are Claudia and Lawrence?

Claudia’s love of latex is still very alive – while Lawrence hasn’t been shown on her Instagram since December.

Southampton-born Lawrence, also known as Loz, has also kept pictures of him and Claudia on his Instagram. Their most recent photo on social media was over a year ago though…

But good news – if Facebook official is anything to go by, the pair are still firmly together.

Tyler and Ryan – still a thing?

Definitely not. Tyler is now pregnant with two girls with cocktail bar owner Jimmy Stones.

And although fans think the pair “stole the show”, their romance didn’t continue. Ryan, from Durham, has set his Facebook relationship status on Facebook to single.

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Erika and Craig: From couple to singletons

The couple won over the hearts of fans when the show first aired, and even ended up getting engaged afterwards.


But sadly, the pair haven’t been seen together – or making references to each other – on social media for almost a year, despite Craig’s last Twitter post.

It looks like Craig deleted all of his Instagram pictures – or made an entirely new account – in January this year. He posted a throwback of the Undercover Girlfriends cast (the lads) but made no reference to Erika.

Personal trainer Erika also doesn’t have any pics of Craig on her social media feed either. And *sigh*, to confirm their split, her Facebook relationship status is now set to single.




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