Undercover Girlfriends series 2 is a real possibility, given the audience reaction to series 1 which took place over a week.

If you’re not familiar, this is the show where a group of boys are sent off on a ‘lads holiday’ not knowing their girlfriends are tagging along in secret. That’s right, the girlfriends can see everything the boys get up to – including hitting on other girls!

Here is everything we know about a possible series 2!

Will Channel 5 Want Undercover Girlfriends Series 2?

Well, they have a big gap in their schedules now they’ve said goodbye to all versions of Big Brother.

Will they look to their newer shows and build on them? Or start from scratch?

There’s no official word from Channel 5 on an Undercover Girlfriends series 2, but watch this space if that changes. Production company TwoFour haven’t commented yet either.

What Would Undercover Girlfriends Series 2 Be Like?

They might do the same again – lads holiday with the girls getting to spy with audio and video.


They could flip the cards and send the girls away in a group, letting the boys keep an eye on their behaviour. Does the formula seem fair in reverse?

Either way, there’s definitely more mileage to come out Undercover Girlfriends.

When Would Undercover Girlfriends Series 2 Air?

It wouldn’t be until next year now, probably autumn 2019.

After all, nobody’s really going on holiday in January, so we need summer to roll around to start filming.

Channel 5 didn’t give a lot of warning before the show dropped for series 1, so don’t expect to know months in advance with this one.

Would Undercover Girlfriends Series 2 Have the Same Cast?

Not likely – the element of surprise is permanently busted for them now.

They’d have to find some unsuspecting guys for a start, in couples that are willing to put themselves through this major test of their relationship.

Would you trust your boyfriend or girlfriend in that situation? One way to find out…