Undercover Girlfriends series 2 is officially on the Channel 5 TV schedule!

If you’re not familiar, this is the show where a group of boys are sent off on a ‘lads holiday’ not knowing their girlfriends are tagging along in secret. That’s right, the girlfriends can see everything the boys get up to – including hitting on other girls!

Here is everything we know about series 2…

Why fans are calling out for more Undercover Girlfriends

Series 1 of the Channel 5 reality TV series debuted in September 2018, although it went relatively under the radar.

Thanks to a series of shocking twists and turns, however, the series earned an eagar following and proved itself as one of very few shows capable of taking the sun and romance of Love Island and adding a unique spin on the format.

What we expect from Undercover Girlfriends 2019

They might do the same again – lads holiday with the girls getting to spy with audio and video.


They could flip the cards and send the girls away in a group, letting the boys keep an eye on their behaviour. Does the formula seem fair in reverse?

Either way, there’s definitely more mileage to come out Undercover Girlfriends, with series 2 set in Faliraki.

When does Undercover Girlfriends series 2 air?

Undercover Girlfriends series 2 aunches on Monday, October 28th.

It will air on Channel 5 at 10 pm.

From then on, the series will air every weeknight for approximately 1-2 weeks.

Will Undercover Girlfriends Series 2 have the same cast?


It’s already been confirmed that the second series will have a brand new line-up.