My Crazy Rich Asian Wedding is a brand new documentary to Channel 5.

Episode 1 kicked off on Sunday, May 19th 2019.

Rachel and Ken were the first couple to get married on the show in a lavish underwater-themed event.

We found Rachel from My Crazy Rich Asian Wedding on Instagram!

Rachel & Ken having pre-wedding photoshoot. Studio Gaeul

Who is Rachel from My Crazy Rich Asian Wedding?

Rachel Wee and her husband Ken Chen were the first to star in Channel 5’s brand new documentary ‘My Crazy Rich Asian Wedding’.

For her hen party, Rachel’s friends made her ultimate dream of becoming a mermaid come true as they all dressed up as mermaids and she even posed in an inflatable clamshell.

The main event involved a huge walk-through aquarium and the bride’s dad dressed up as Neptune for his speech.

Rachel & Ken having pre-wedding photoshoot. Studio Gaeul

Rachel Wee on Instagram

The Crazy Rich Asian Wedding star has over 15,000 followers on Instagram.

You can follow her – @rachelbambi.

Rachel often posts selfies, outfit photos and pics from all over the globe.

Her husband, Ken, is also on Instagram with over 1,500 followers – @huaabs.



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Rachel is a beauty blogger

It was mentioned in episode 1 of My Crazy Rich Asian Wedding that Rachel is an heiress to a huge beauty empire.

Rachel is also a beauty blogger and you can follow her blog Instagram page

She stated on the show that she’s a massive fan of designer brands and that includes makeup too, her blog Instagram page is packed full of photos and videos including Lancome lipsticks and Yves Saint Laurent powders.



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