We found Rich Kids Go Skint star Alex Ersoz on Instagram - he has his own fashion label!

Rich Kids Go Skint season 3 is one of the most talked about programmes on Channel 5 right now.

The documentary series follows wealthy teenagers as they swap their million-pound mansions to move in with those less financially fortunate.

Episode 6 of the 2019 series introduced us to 20-year-old rich kid Alex, who we soon tracked down on Instagram.

Here’s a glance at the luxurious lifestyle of business owner AlexErsöz…

Alex on Rich Kids Go Skint

Who is Alex?

Twenty-year-old Alex is the son of a wealthy businessman and grew up in  Linthorpe, Middlesbrough in a house that has four living rooms and a driveway full of sports cars worth over £40,000 each.

He features in episode 6 of Rich Kids Go Skint, where he swaps his ‘penthouse suite’ at his family mansion for a small terrace home in Bolton with a family of three.

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Alex states his most prized possessions as either his Mercedes sports car and or his £10,000 Rolex watch.

Alex on Instagram

You can follow Alex on Instagram @AlexErsoz, where he has just over 3,000 followers.

Alex certainly has no problem flashing his cash on the ‘gram, posing with his Mercedes, Louis Vuitton luggage and countless designer clothes.

He has also posted a photo of his family mansion which looks like it could house about 20 people comfortably.

Streetwear CEO

According to Alex’s Instagram bio, he is the owner and CEO of premium fashion label Ersoz Clothing.

The brand seems to be about cool logo streetwear and is stocked online at alexanderersoz.com and at luxury online retailer accentclothing.com

Although mostly creating comfy t-shirts and hoodies, the brand also makes caps, which according to the company’s ‘gram Dappy from N-Dubz is a fan of.

World traveller

As well as spending cash on fancy designer items, Alex also seems to go abroad a lot, with his favourite places looking like Istanbul or Amsterdam having visited on multiple occasions.

But of course in true rich kid fashion, he also seems to spend his summers in Marbella, drinking champagne and Ciroc obvi.



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