Sabrina Burkholder welcomes a new baby into the world on Return To Amish. But fans are questioning where her other children are.

The TLC star’s family life has been closely followed on camera, and she was recently seen bringing her new child home from the hospital.

Each episode showcases people with Amish and Mennonite lifestyles – and fans have recently questioned what happened to Sabrina’s other children.

So, where are her children? What have viewers been saying about the Return To Amish star regarding her family?

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Who are Sabrina Burkholder’s children?

Sabrina is a mum-of-four who lives a Mennonite lifestyle.

Her children include her two daughters Oakley and Arianna, and son Zekiah, who she had in 2019.

Sabrina recently welcomed home a fourth child to her family, the second child she now has with her boyfriend Jethro Nolt.

Fans wonder where Sabrina’s children are

Several fans questioned what happened to her other two children, when TLC posted a clip of the upcoming Return To Amish episode.

Sabrina and Jethro were seen with their children, but her other oldest two were nowhere to be seen.

This left fans confused about what happened to Oakley and Arianna.

One viewer said: “What happened to her first daughter? Oakley, I think that is her name.” Another wrote: “Where are her two girls?”

Where are Sabrina’s children?

  • Sabrina reportedly lost custody of Oakley and Arianna

She is currently raising two children, Zekiah and her newborn Skylah.

Sabrina lost custody of her first two daughters due to addiction issues, according to reports, which is why they are not seen on the show.

Oakley and Arianna were born during a previous relationship with her ex-boyfriend Harry Kreiser III, who is their father.

She lost custody of Oakley in 2015 due to drug issues, and later had custody of her second daughter taken away.

Arianna’s name has been changed to Olivia by her adoptive parents. The adoptive mother is said to be Harry’s sister, as reported by Distractify.



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