Channel 5 is back with another medical docuseries this June, as A&E After Dark kicks off on Monday, June 1st.

The series takes a look at what an A&E department looks like after the clock has struck midnight and all of the shenanigans that go on after dark.

From drunken brawls to newborn babies, working late into the evening will bring all kinds of characters into the frame.

But many viewers had questions about the actual making of the show, considering it clearly was made before the outbreak of coronavirus. So, where is A&E After Dark filmed? When did they film the docuseries?

Dr Chris Srinivasan is standing with his arms behind his back, looking to camera in Hull Royal Infirmary, Hull, United Kingdom.

Where is A&E After Dark filmed?

  • Hull Royal Infirmary

The Channel 5 docuseries takes place at the Hull Royal Infirmary.

This is a tertiary teaching hospital and is one of the two main hospitals for Kingston upon Hull. It is is run by Hull University Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust.

Hull doctors speak on A&E After Dark

Dr Chris Srinivasan spoke to The Yorkshire Post about filming at the hospital.

Chris said: “The staff embraced it (the filming), they wanted to show the public the work they did and help the public understand the challenges that we face in Hull, but all emergency departments across the country, with the spectrum of problems that we see overnight.”

Dr Biju Cherian, consultant in emergency medicine, is one of the many ED staff members to feature on the show. He said:


Your shift in an emergency department can be unpredictable, but this is often what makes it so interesting, and every patient has their own story to tell. They might be new parents, recently bereaved, had too much to drink, be experiencing mental health distress, or been involved in a major road traffic collision – but to our team, everyone deserves and receives the highest level of care.

When was A&E After Dark filmed?

Many viewers had questions about when the series was filmed, as hospitals are obviously in a very different place now given the coronavirus pandemic.

Dr Chris Srinivasan also addressed this in his Yorkshire Post interview. He noted that it was filmed before the pandemic. Chris continued:

At the time that the series was filmed we were seeing 400 patients a day and at times that was very, very difficult to manage and we are wanting people really to understand that under certain circumstances they might want to seek help elsewhere, maybe at an urgent care centre or within their GP.

News of the series broke out in October 2019 and so filming is likely to have taken place around then. It was recorded across a seven-week period.

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