Casualty 24/7 is back for a second series!

The immensely popular Channel 5 series which has all the drama of 24 Hours in A&E but with less of the full-on stress and life or death cases is returning to our screens, after its premiere season ended in October 2019.

So where is Casualty 24/7 filmed and is it in the same hospital as last season? Read on to find out all the information about the new series…

External staff group shot under Emergency Sign

Where is Casualty 24/7 filmed?

The documentary series is filmed in Barnsley Hospital‘s A&E department.

The hospital is in the town of Barnsley, South Yorkshire, which is situated halfway between Leeds and Sheffield.

The hospital they document is the same as last season, so we’re sure some familiar faces will crop up from last year!

If you’re interested in following everything Barnsley Hospital related, be sure to check out their Twitter where they have a following of over 6,000! They regularly post updates about the hospital, the staff and more to their page.

What is Casualty 24/7 about?

Casualty 24/7 charts the ongoings and what-nots of the Barnsley Hospital A&E department.

Sometimes we get the real-life medical drama and more often we get some heartwarming and even funny characters on our screens.

In the first episode (Wednesday, June 5th), we watch as Barnsley Hospital undergoes its busiest day ever, treating 349 in one day. So we’re sure the second season is set to be better than the last with this start!


Inside Barnsley Hospital!

The show follows some of the junior doctors as they work on the A&E ward.

This year we will see what it is like for junior doctors Ashleigh Trimble, Dan Bewick and George Kay as they work exhausting and lengthy hours dealing with an array of patients.

But although Barnsley is a giant fast-paced hospital, that doesn’t stop these NHS workers from having some fun! Here is what some of the staff get up to behind closed doors…



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