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Joel Richardson

Who is Not So Sweet Sixteen's Joel Richardson? Prom party host looks back on Channel 5 series!

Not So Sweet 16’s Joel Richardson had all eyes on his prom party when it was showcased on our screens two years ago.

As proms haven’t gone ahead for most 16-year-olds this year due to the coronavirus pandemic, fans are taking to the Channel 5 series again to get their prom party hit. Joel was the star of Episode 1 of the documentary in 2018, where he starred alongside other teenagers getting ready for the night of the year.

He was recently seen looking back on the prom series in social media star Anastasia Kingsnorth’s Youtube video. So who is the Not So Sweet Sixteen star? We looked at the life behind the prom host in 2020!

Screenshot: Joel Richardson on Not So Sweet Sixteen, Episode 1, Channel 5

Who is Joel Richardson?

Joel, now 19, is a barber at Club 99 in Finedon. He regularly trains in the gym and has done for several years, as seen in the Not So Sweet Sixteen episode he stars in. His “perfect party and the perfect body” are key to being popular at school, the show describes. Joel regularly browses websites for clothes to fit his physique.

He splits his time between his mum and dad’s house, as they are divorced. His dad said he has “pressure to impress people” and that he won’t leave the house without looking “just so”.

Joel is also friends with Youtuber Anastasia Kingsnorth, who was featured on the Channel 5 Not So Sweet Sixteen series alongside the 16-year-old!

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Joel’s prom on Not So Sweet Sixteen

He is the star of Episode 1 of the Not So Sweet Sixteen series. Joel aims to have the biggest prom after party of the year, following a previous party he had that turned into “carnage”, with over 40 friends turning up while his mum was away from the house.

However the prom party was held at his dad’s house instead. Joel spoke of his plans for the event:

One of those house parties where it’s one of the biggest events of the year and everyone talks about it and then you sort of become legendary throughout schools.

After winning most likely to be an olympian at prom, he heads to his dad’s house to throw the party. He decked the house in party lights, however it ended up with one school friend going missing after having too much to drink, and Joel’s dream party becoming a “nightmare”.

Joel looks back on the prom documentary

On Wednesday, September 16th 2020, Anastasia released a YouTube video entitled ‘School Mukbang & Prom Story time aka the prom from hell’. In this video, she was joined by some friends, including Joel.

He reflected on the after prom party, talking of his friend who went missing:

Certain people got too drunk. He threw up, then fell in it and then passed out in a chair.

They said the party continued until around 5am. Joel added: “I’d already gone to sleep by that point, I was so sick of the party. I went to bed at 3. I woke up and people were still at my house.” He added that he had given up.


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