Chef Boot Camp: Meet the 2021 cast - Robert, Andrew, Shakilah and co!

Chefs are tasked with gruelling challenges set by host Cliff Crooks, in Food Network’s new series Chef Boot Camp. Meet the line-up here…

With hopes to help struggling chefs across the country, Cliff pays a visit to several restaurants to support them while running a kitchen.

Throughout the series, he meets Shakilah, who took over for her mom as head chef at Carolyn’s Southern Comfort Cuisine, as well as others.

So, here’s the line-up for this year’s Chef Boot Camp 2021! From Robert and Andrew, to Aiden and Shy… as well as the show’s host.

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Cliff Crooks

Cliff is the host of Chef Boot Camp on Food Network.

Born on December 8, 1977 in New York City, the chef may already be recognised for being a contestant on Top Chef in 2006.

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He reportedly had to leave for breaking the rules about touching other contestants when he playfully wrestled a fellow chef to the ground.

He has had other TV appearances, including judging roles on Hell’s Kitchen, Chopped Junior, and Worst Cooks in America.


Robert works at Dakari Soul Food restaurant in Brooklyn, Baltimore.

The restaurant honours the loving memory of Dakari Milton Moses Brooks, the son of the Brooks family who own the business.

Father-to-one and chef Robert is part of The Brooks family, and is married to LeeLee, the owner of the restaurant.

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Shakilah is head chef at Carolyn’s Southern Comfort Cuisine in East Meadow, New York.

She took over her mom Joan Thompson’s former role in the restaurant.

Shakilah will be appearing on Chef Boot Camp alongside her father.

However, over-spicing the food and her lack of drive could mean the end of her mother’s dream, as reported by Food Network.


Aidan has been the head chef of Blue Mermaid Island Grill in Kittery, Maine, for more than 12 years.

However, the restaurant’s owner questions whether he can lead a kitchen, as Aidan comes across as timid at work.

He began working there as a dishwasher at age 18, meaning he would be around 30 years old now.


Shahila “Shy” Abbasi is currently the head chef at McGeary’s.

She has had the chef role since owner Tess Collins took over the Irish pub in New York ten years ago.

Shy, who is engaged to fiancee Jessica Lennon, has spent 16 years running the kitchen.

This pic is from the show! Next Thursday at 10 on food channel network 🙏🙏🙏

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Andrew works as a head chef at Tara Inn in Port Jefferson, New York.

His poor performance could mean the end of the local favorite restaurant, which has been open since 1977.


Pat was recently promoted to head chef of Beefeater’s Tavern in Horseheads, New York.

However, his sloppy appearance and subpar culinary skills could threaten his success on Chef Boot Camp.


Kelly is a self-taught chef who transformed her health-food meal prep business into Fit Foodie Express in Long Beach, New York.

She and her husband put their savings into the business, but her lack of cooking and restaurant experience could mean the end of not only their business, but also their marriage.


Christopher is the executive chef, and one of four co-owners of The Striker, Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

He was formerly a chef at The Station in Portsmouth.

The Food Network star is currently engaged to Danielle Currier.

I’m only in a tiny clip so far. But here’s the show

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Carlos is a chef at Hot Rods, in New London, Connecticut.

He is also a father, and husband, when it comes to his personal life.


Richard is a chef at Three Dollar Deweys, in Portland.

He has been in charge of the kitchen since re-opening in March 2019.



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