Crazy Delicious prize explained: Do Netflix give more than 'golden apples'?

When Crazy Delicious aired on Channel 4 earlier this year, viewers could not believe what they were seeing.

It is a cooking competition unlike any other, set in an edible Garden of Eden inspired set which looks like a snapshot of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Not only that, but the series is presided over by some of the world’s most influential chefs and culinary personalities: Heston Blumenthal, Niklas Ekstedt, and Carla Hall.

Now, the series is available for the rest of the world to enjoy. Crazy Delicious released to Netflix on Wednesday, June 24th, 2020.

Given the scale of the show, you might think that it has some epic prize. But that is not the case. Find out what the prize for winning Crazy Delicious is here.

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What is the Crazy Delicious prize?

The prize for winning the show is simply a ‘golden apple’.

Where big talent competitions like The X Factor or RuPaul’s Drag Race reward the winners with massive financial investment and exposure, cooking competitions do not do the same.


 Like other shows such as The Great British Make Off and MasterChef, the prize on Crazy Delicious is more of an acknowledgement of talent rather than an investment. Here’s hoping the exposure Netflix brings might boost these amateur cooks into the spotlight.

As with many reality television series, exposure and making a name for yourself on TV is often the best prize you can get. Some of the cooks featured on Crazy Delicious now have their social media platforms off the ground, which can help them on the path to success.

How does Crazy Delicious work?

Each episode welcomes three competitors to the studio. There are six episodes in total, meaning eighteen amateur cooks compete. However, they do not work their way up to a grand finale; they compete in their episode and then are done with the competition.

There are three challenges on Crazy Delicious: The Magic Ingredient, The Reinvention, The Final Feast.

At the end of each episode, the best cook is given the golden apple and then the show welcomes in new contestants.

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