Channel 4 brought the bizarre cooking show Crazy Delicious to British viewers back in January 2020 and now the show is to be enjoyed by a global audience: Crazy Delicious comes to Netflix on Wednesday, June 24th!

In the culinary competition, chefs have to impress a tough line-up of judges by turning ordinary dishes into extraordinary and exquisite meals.

For that, each contestant has to bring their unique take on a traditional recipe and create something magical and mind-blowing.

But will Crazy Delicious return for season 2? After viewers binge-watched the bizarre cooking competition, many are craving more…

Gabi Margiotta

Crazy Delicious on Netflix

Crazy Delicious sees a bunch of creative cooks, who have honed their inventive culinary styles at home, conjured up miraculous dishes to be judged by an elite panel.

The panel is presided over by Heston Blumenthal, Carla Hall and Niklas Elstedt.

Each episode, the judges award one of the cooks with a ‘Golden Apple’, much akin to the ‘Star Baker’ label on The Great British Bake Off.

Will there be Crazy Delicious season 2?


The first series finished airing back in February 2020, so it is still too early for Channel 4 to confirm whether they will bring the show for season 2. To give the green light on a new season is based on ratings and whether the show is popular among viewers.

However, people have enjoyed the new cooking series and many of them are hoping that there will be more episodes.

“Anyone watching #CrazyDelicious on Channel 4? I’ve just stumbled across it and it’s unbelievably wacky and wonderful!” one viewer wrote

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How to watch Crazy Delicious season 1

For British viewers, you can watch series 1 of the cooking show on Channel 4 on demand. The six episodes are currently available online on the 4oD website.

Now the series has finally been released to Netflix, the rest of the world can join in on the fun too!



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