Who is the Flavorful Origins narrator? Netflix's Asian cuisine series' voiceover revealed!

Netflix has released the third season of Asian cuisine series Flavorful Origins. The question is, who is the show’s narrator?

Taking cameras through the depths of China to explore their cuisines, we get to see which flavours are used when cooking their food.

The third of the Mandarin series, which is packed with 10 episodes, showcases the use of native Asian ingredients from the Gansu region.

So who is the narrator of Flavorful Origins? Let’s meet Yang Chen!

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Who is the narrator of Flavorful Origins?

  • Yang Chen

Yang, from China, has led viewers through the series since season 1, and has returned for the third season of the Netflix cuisine show.

He is the narrator who describes the different foods that are explored in the Chaoshan and Yunnan regions of China.

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Where else have we heard Yang Chen?

Yang starred as main role Fang Cheng in 2017 drama My Boyfriend.

That was two years before he became narrator for Flavorful Origins.

It looks like these are the two main roles that Yang has taken on in the world of film and TV so far.

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Who does the dubbing for Season 3?

  • Eric B

Ronald Snow done the dubbing for the English version for the Chaoshan Cuisine in season 1.

However the English-dubbed version of Gansu Cuisine (season 3) and Yunnan Cuisine (season 2) are narrated by Eric B.

In other language versions, there are several dubbing narrators that do the voiceover for the series.

Amongst them include Triyuh Hendra for the Indonesian version and Muhamad Nor Adzlan for the Madagascar version.



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